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Nigeria’s Biggest Food YouTuber, Winifred Emmanuel of Zeelicious Foods explores Ghana’s Local Delicacies



Winifred has been creating food content consistently on her Youtube channel, Zeelicious Foods, where she shares video tutorials on how to make various mouth-watering local and continental delicacies. In just about 2 years, she has amassed a following of about 200,000 subscribers on Youtube and over 200,000 followers across her other social media platforms.

According to her, part of her major goals for 2020 is to visit other African countries to explore their local delicacies. Ghana happened to be the first stop in her African food adventure and judging by her instagram posts, she enjoyed the experience.

She described her visit to Ghana as an exhilarating experience and the people as very warm, vibrant and welcoming and went on to say that exploring the local food was the main purpose of her trip.

After having one on one cooking sessions with Joyce Gyebi (Mukase Chic Grab and Go) and Barbara (Ambrosia Foods), she had this to say about what she learnt “I must say that I have experienced and learnt so much about their mouth-watering delicacies. Ebuno buno and Fufu is the first Ghanaian dish I learnt to make…the taste is everything. Abum (Garden Egg Stew) and boiled plantains is very similar to what we make in Nigeria but the method of cooking is quite different. Waakye and Shito…that dish will make you go to sleep and forget all your worries!” Winifred clearly also fell in love with Ghana Jollof as she remarked “…and yes, their Jollof Rice is bomb!”

She also found a lot of interesting similarities between Nigeria and Ghana food ingredients after visiting the very popular Kaneshie market located in the heart of Accra Ghana.

After having a set of cooking classes and learning from some of Ghana’s best food bloggers, she decided to host a meet and greet to get acquainted with some of her loyal Ghanian fans. According to her, her trip will not have been complete without meeting them. She hosted them to a 3-course dinner where she engaged them in a discussion to find out more about how her channel has impacted their lives.
“Twas an interesting evening, got to learn more about the Ghanian food culture from them and of course we had lots and lots of food to eat.” she stated on one of her IG posts.

Winifred visited Ghana to explore the food culture, and would now be showcasing a lot Ghanaian food in her cooking videos. She will be sharing some Ghana recipe video tutorials on her YouTube channel soon.

“I totally fell in love with Ghanaian food and so I’ll be sharing some yummy Ghana recipe video tutorials on my channel in the coming weeks and months and even years…just Incase you ever wanted to learn how to make them. I’m still here exploring the rich food culture and meeting lots of amazing people…and I’m definitely not in a hurry to return.” she said in yet another IG post.

Winifred Emmanuel makes cooking look so easy and attractive and is successfully helping others become pros at creating tasty meals from the comfort of their kitchen. Little wonder she has managed to acquire a huge subscriber/follower base across her social media platforms and of course the highly coveted Silver Play Button Award presented by YouTube Inc. for surpassing the 100,000 subscriber milestone on their platform.

Her recipe video tutorials via the Zeelicious Foods channel on YouTube is a go-to for those new to the kitchen and others who want to up their culinary game.