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No eviction but daggers drawn on Big Brother All Stars



Big Brother pulled his first surprise in the ongoing Big Brother All Stars Sunday evening when the two evicted housemates returned to the house, making it an eviction-free show. Kaone was the first to be evicted and he seemed a little disappointed as he explained to host, IK on stage that he couldn’t understand why Africa voted him off.

Tatiana seemed a little self assured with the Eviction. She walked on stage explaining that she really wants to go back because all the All Stars really bonded over the food Strike on Day 6. When IK broke the news to Tatiana and Kaone, Kaone’s reaction was full of genuine surprise, he said that he was “broken apart, so excited, gonna give it to you again”.

Tatiana said “I am the sheriff, I have to get back to that house and come back with $200 000”.

When they were allowed back into the House, they were smiling and laughing and jumping in each others arms. Most of the Housemates were happy to see them return.

Keeping up with the surprises, the Evicted Housemates get to take revenge on a Housemate still in the House, and stab somebody in the back by throwing forfeits.  The Molotov cocktail which saw many Housemates a little humiliated and hard at work in the Big Brother Revolution is back this season, but has been re-instated as the Dagger! These Daggers differ from, but are just as scandalous as the Molotov Cocktails. The first dagger this season, makes the chosen recipient dress up like a pig, clean the kitchen, bathroom and toilet three times a day with ear-buds and a toothbrush.

Tatiana chose to throw this dagger at South African Housemate Lerato and explained that it “will be funny to see!” Lerato will have to keep this up for a week. The second dagger was thrown by Kaone. This forfeit forces a Housemate to dress up in a French Maids costume, remain awake after all the other Housemates are sleeping and make sure that the House is spotless before going to bed. Kaone chose Uti as the unlucky recipient.

The Housemates that have received a Dagger in the Back from the two Evictees will have to perform these duties for an entire week. Despite being un-Evicted, the Daggers still stand and although Kaone and Tatiana are still in the House, Uti and Lerato are not off the hook!

During the live eviction show, Nigerian singer Maye Hunta sang the new Big Brother All Stars song “African Star”.