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Over 10,000 people sign petition to abolish medical examination fees for sexual assault victims in Ghana



Some 10,546 have people have signed a petition to abolish medical examination fees for all victims of rape and sexual assault in Ghana.

The campaign, started by actress and activist Ama K Abebrese, is aimed at getting the president of Ghana, President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and the appropriate state agencies to abolish those fees.

According to the Petition on Change.Org, currently in Ghana, victims of rape, sexual assault and defilement have to pay between 300-800 GHS ($45 – $160) depending on the exchange rate) in order to undergo a medical examination and  get a report in order for police to do necessary investigates. In Ghana, the average reported monthly salary in the informal sector is 150 GHS (between $25 – $30).

In light of this, a disproportionate number of victims in Ghana and their families are unable to seek criminal justice due to financial constraints. The medical examination for rape and sexual assault should be free for all victims. This is an appeal to the President of Ghana and the Government, to absorb those fees so it is not hindrance to victims in the pursuit of justice.

Deputy Superintendent of Police – Head of Public Affairs Unit/Accra Region, DSP Effia Tenge as reported by Pulse Ghana states.“You are to be examined by a public health worker. The prices range between GHC300 and GHC800. This has been one of the bane of the police. When people go and they cannot afford the medical examination they do not come back to the police.”

Nobody should have to go through the traumatic experience of the crime of rape and or sexual assault in the first place and the medical examination fees is a stumbling block in the pursuit of justice for victims, their families and supporters. In criminal cases of defilement- where female and male children and adolescents under the age of 16 years are raped, sodomised or sexually assaulted- the payment before a medical examination can be an added burden. There are reported cases in Ghana of babies and young children being sexually assaulted. Yet their families have to pay before a medical examination.

The President of Ghana along with Government of Ghana should abolish these fees. Please sign the petition and share.