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Pappy Kojo raises hell on UTV following Feli Nuna incident



Italy-based Ghanaian rapper, Pappy Kojo has raised hell on UTV Ghana following the altercation between singer Feli Nuna and A-Plus on Saturday, May 21. 

The “Towel” singer had gotten engaged in a heated argument with A-Plus who is a regular pundit on the show over her boyfriend’s role in her music career.

“You have a boyfriend who does invest in your career but you want someone else to invest in you but if they say they are interested in you, you have a problem with that?” A Plus had quizzed Feli during their discussions.


To which Feli replied stating;

“My boyfriend is a proud Poet and a Research Scientist. He is not an investor even though he sponsored one of my music videos. He has sense more than you (A Plus). He supports me as his woman. He is not into the music business, my job as a musician has nothing to do with him. When I go to an investor or go to a label, it is me as Feli Nuna that is going and I am going as a professional musician. I am not going for you to come and have a personal interest in me or sleep with me before you help me or work with me.”

The exchange became messy and has since caused quite a stir on social media. Some social media users have called out A-Plus for being a “bully” and attacking Feli on national television.

Reacting to the incident on Twitter, rapper Pappy Kojo who is clearly disappointed by the television station for allowing bullying of that sort to happen has asked for a boycott and warned the station not to play any of his music.


“Yo @UTVGHANA, if you don’t know and you play any Pappy Kojo music on your yaw station you go feel me waaa gbemi station,” he tweeted.

He also asked handlers of the station’s social media to unfollow him on all social media platforms.

“Unfollow me now @UTVGHANA!!!” he added.


Pappy Kojo also threatened to come after any artist that frequents that television station.

“If you’re an artiste and I see you on @UTVGHANA, I go come for you too mark it,” he added. 

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