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See it Hot: Wanlov drops first music video, ‘Veverita’ from new album



One of the most distinctive Ghanaian alternative music acts, Wanlov the Kubolor has finally released the first music video from his new album ‘Brown Card: African Gypsy’. The music video for ‘Veverita’ is unusual as is expected from the barefooted musician.

The video is a recreation of Wanlov’s childhood memory of his mother singing him to sleep with the Romanian lullaby ‘Veverita’. The lullaby is about Vevi the squirrel disobeys an elder by climbing the sacred tree, he falls and injures his leg,his friends hear him cry, but come only to laugh at him, one of them finally calls a doctor who bandages Vevi. Vevi is still in pain and accuses the doctor of being fake, everyone leaves rude Vevi in the forest by himself.

The visuals bring viewers into the world of the dissident squirrel. It features King Ayisoba and Wanlov wants his fans to know that no live animals were harmed in the making of this video. It was directed, filmed  and edited by Jay Hill.

Meanwhile, the new album ‘Brown card – African Gypsy’ will be available worldwide on iTunes from October 3.