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Sell or repair: What do with your car that requires major repairs?



What do with your car that requires major repairs?

Does your current car have major mechanical issues that you are thinking of selling it? Do you think the damage is worth repairing? Whether you are wondering whether to keep your car and repair or sell your car to second hand car companies, there are many aspects you should consider before you decide to trade your used car with a new one. Two important aspects have been briefly discussed below:


Determine the  breaking point for value: If you’re unsure whether it’s worthwhile to fix your car, think about how much it is worth. You might have to spend more money on repairs than the car is worth, depending on what has to be repaired and how much it will cost. Most dealerships who deal with second hand cars in Wellington  can repair problems for less money than you can. This means that if a repair shop estimates that your air conditioning system will cost $2,000 to fix, the value of your automobile won’t necessarily decrease by $2,000 if you don’t fix it. If you need repairs but plan on purchasing a new vehicle soon, skipping the repairs may make financial sense.



Estimate your car’s remaining life: The time your car can stay on the road is greatly influenced by how well you’ve maintained it. If you’ve kept up with maintenance on a vehicle that is less than 12 years old and has less than 150,000 miles on it, it probably still has some life left in it. Depending on the value of the car, repairs can be necessary to prolong its lifespan by a few years. Typically, electric vehicles can travel up to 300,000 kilometers before they are  labeled as  well-used. If your vehicle is past these milestones, it will be difficult to get much life out of it even if you make repairs. 


Choosing between buying a new car and fixing your old one



You should follow the following rule when deciding whether to fix or replace your car: if the cost of repairs is equivalent to or more than 50% of the car’s value, it might not be worthwhile to repair your car. You should instead get rid of it and buy a new car. You can use your funds to buy a new car rather than spending them on repairs for an older car that you will probably have more issues with.


Whom to sell your car?



There are many options you could explore if you decide to sell your car. Selling straight to a dealership is the customary route many people follow.  This method gives you some space during negotiations but you won’t receive the entire value of the car since dealers must make a profit when they resell it. Consider selling your car to a car wrecker company that deals with second hand cars Wellington if you’re searching for a quick and effective solution. These companies typically provide you a quick offer, and you can schedule them to pick up your car from your house without you having to go anywhere else. 


So we are saying,

When you are deciding whether it is worth it to fix your car, it all comes down to your budget, personal circumstances, and  how important the repairs will be. However, at  the same time it is essential to know when it is time to repair your car and when it is time to replace it. The above-said pointers will help you decide what you should be doing with your car. If the current car has major issues, selling your second hand car or used car to car wreckers company is the right choice. 



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