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ShabZi Madallion Receives Prestigious Nomination at the South African Radio Awards



Internationally acclaimed hip-hop artist ShabZi Madallion, born Leshabe Mpho Rampedi, has been nominated for the coveted title of ‘Best Content Producer’ at the esteemed South African Radio Awards. This recognition comes as a testament to his exceptional talent, creativity, and dedication in the realms of music and radio production.

ShabZi Madallion, a highly skilled hip-hop artist from Johannesburg, South Africa, boasts a remarkable career spanning over several years. With over 21 musical projects under his belt, he has proven his dedication to his craft. His multifaceted skills include songwriting, rapping, engineering, mixing, and mastering, showcasing his versatility as a musician. His music, deeply rooted in personal experiences, resonates with audiences on a profound level.

The artist’s unique stage name, “ShabZi Madallion,” embodies his mission in music. “ShabZi,” derived from “Leshabe,” signifies his aspiration to create music that resonates universally, touching hearts across diverse backgrounds. “Madallion” reflects his energetic alter ego, symbolizing his vibrant personality and dynamic creativity.

In addition to his musical achievements, ShabZi Madallion holds a Sound Engineering Diploma from The Academy of Sound Engineering and a diploma in Business Management and Entrepreneurship. His pursuit of excellence led him to complete Level 1 monologues at the renowned Market Theatre, enhancing his skills in the performing arts.


As a Senior Production Assistant at 5FM, one of South Africa’s leading radio stations, ShabZi Madallion’s contributions have been invaluable. His exceptional work ethic and creativity were recognized with a well-deserved promotion in 2022. The nomination for the “Best Daytime Show” category highlights his expertise and impact within the radio industry.

Beyond the airwaves, ShabZi Madallion’s visual presence has captured the attention of renowned brands such as KFC, Castle Free, Revlon, and Supersport, solidifying his reputation as a multifaceted artist. His versatility extends to producing music for different mediums, including a song featured in an African comedy special on Netflix. Additionally, he served as an ambassador for Sportscene’s RedBat clothing collection, leaving a lasting impression as a creative influencer.

Notable Achievement: In 2015, ShabZi Madallion emerged as the runner-up in the highly competitive Hip Hop TV Show “The Hustle,” broadcasted on MNET and Vuzu Entertainment. Competing against 20 of South Africa’s best upcoming rappers, his exceptional skills and creativity shone brightly, earning him recognition in the industry.

ShabZi Madallion’s Philosophy: “My philosophy as a content creator and producer is rooted in authentic storytelling and collaboration. I believe in the power of diverse talents coming together to create compelling content. Through my music and radio productions, I aim to inspire positive change and provoke meaningful conversations. I approach each project with passion, dedication, and a commitment to excellence, ensuring that my content resonates with audiences on a deep and impactful level.”


The nomination at the South African Radio Awards is a testament to ShabZi Madallion’s unwavering dedication, versatility, and immense talent. His artistry encapsulates his passion, creativity, and commitment to his craft. With each endeavor, he continues to evolve and leave an indelible mark on the South African hip-hop scene and beyond.

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