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Sofas that match your room and lifestyle



Buying a sofa set from Urban Ladder Online is actually a very wise choice. If you are too picky and getting the right furniture then the online portal is the best option for you. It serves the purpose and style of convenient packaging at your comfort. It also gives the room a fuller appearance. Choose sophisticated colors like emerald, turquoise, sapphire blue, gold and gray for a classic touch.


Variety of sofas cum beds on urban ladder


Sofa cum bed is an awesome choice to opt for. Online you can see a variety of sofas before you actually bring it home. Your living room is a place to spend quality time at home. Hence choosing the right sofa set is very important. Here is the variety of sofa sets and wooden beds unveiled below:


L shaped Sofas


A beautiful sofa looks very elegant because of its shape, elegant structure, and contemporary decoration. To add the perfect jazz to your room, do it with the rockiest colors, such as blood red, dark purple, blue and green. Go for L shape sofa set if your living room space allows you for it.

Sofa cum Bed loungers


To impart you with the atmosphere of lavishness in your own home, bring this sofa bed at loungers at home, because it contains a lot of style and excitement. To maintain the delicacy and to avoid the impression of being too hectic, choose soft and pleasuring colors like beige, olives, and baby pink. There are many fantastic designs available at online furniture stores such as Urban Ladder which is one of the pro sites in the furniture segment.

Compact yet enough comfortable sofas


Placing a large sofa set in the living room if there isn’t enough space in the hallway is absolutely a bad decision. Hence the first thing to check is the space and size. So when you decide to buy a sofa set or bed, you must first decide on the size of the sofa. Also, remember that there must be enough space and comfort on the sofa. If you like wood, you can use wooden sofas like Sheesham, teak, etc. They are available in all sizes and adjustments of the same are possible too.


Stylish and elegant


Sofa sets and beds should not only be comfortable and suitable for your living room, but it should go with your lifestyle as well. Style and elegance come in the quality of material used, shape that fits your sofa in your living room in a sophisticated manner, and size of the sofa that holds your comfort.


Bottom Line


Get a suitable and comfortable Sofa set cum beds for your living room after seeing the variety in colors, materials, shapes, and sizes. There are many online portals like Urban Ladder where you will surely find a wide range of sofa sets to choose the best for yourself. Go for a sleek but elegant design if your room is not too big. However, for a large sofa set, a luxurious but luxurious sofa is preferred.