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SriBuO Release for the week: Reggie Zippy – ‘Asubonten’

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SriBuO Release for the week: Reggie Zippy – ‘Asubonten’

Is it true that all Ghanaian men want to marry virgins? Reggie Zippy certainly seemed to think so when he released his maiden album Asubonten. Virgin gained a lot of airplay and was a timely piece of advice to those oxymoronic men who wanted to wed virgins but also wouldn’t stop their bad habit of deflowering any virgin in a skirt.

This video will probably bring back memories for those of you who remember this song. Zippy’s song certainly is as relevant today as it was when he first released this song:

Reggie Zippy goes on to give even more advice on his next track, For sale. If your wife is misbehaving, write this on her forehead “For Sale!”, if your husband is mistreating you, write on his forehead “For Sale!” I am pretty sure Reggie Zippy wasn’t trying to usher us back to the old terrible days of the slave trade with his words. Rather he paints poignant pictures of the how various spouses fall short in a marriage. Men who refuse to work to support their children, women who don’t know how to take care of their homes and husbands. The song is also spliced with some humorous lines – keep your ears alert for them as you listen to the full length track below:

Overall, Asubonten is an album that you were meant to dance to. It also has instrumentals that are closer to Ghanaian High life than they are to Hip Hop beats. This is partly due to the predominant sound that was reigning at the time period of this album’s release. Atadwe (Tiger Nuts claimed by some to be an infamous aphrodisiac) is the name of the next track on the album. With beats produced by Sugar Tone, Zippy offers his Atadwe to the woman who he asks to take, test and experience for its sweetness. Track 4 on this album has a strong Ragga feint and is self titled “Reggie Zippy”. It is actually a very enjoyable song without completely mundane lyrics. That is a good thing to Reggie Zippy’s credit since it isn’t an easy thing to write a song about yourself and not sound totally full of yourself in the process.

M’a Gyae Me Ho (I loose guard) follows next. With high life instrumentals backing him, Reggie Zippy sings about how he missed the golden opportunity to express his feelings to a woman, only to have another man come and snatch her away. I’m sure there are a lot of people out there who can relate to this. He advices us that since opportunity comes but once, we should gather all VIM and seize the bull by the horns whenever we have the chance.

At first listen seems like, Wunkong of Journey to the West fame features (in spirit) on one of the tracks on this album: Hu M’ani So. Those of you who skipped church on Sunday mornings to watch the exploits of this famed monkey will be wondering why he was the first thing Reggie Zippy mentioned on this song, which is actually an ode to a really beautiful woman. Think you can figure out what was going on with this song? Listen and prove it to yourself here then:

Ye No Ntem (Hurry hurry quick quick!). Aponkye (Goat!) and Party Time are the rest of the tracks on this album. Each of them is unique song in its own respect, however Party Time is more special than the others because Reggie Zippy sang and rapped in English on this song. It is also one of the best ending songs for an album I have heard in a long time:

What are you waiting for? Grab your copy of Asubonten online now!!

Ameyaw Kissi Debrah, known professionally as Ameyaw Debrah, is a Ghanaian celebrity blogger, freelance journalist, and reporter.

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