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St. Augustine’s Make A Flight Into The Semis On St. Peters’ Ticket



Interesting rundowns have been diffused across airwaves and each time, viewers, listeners and generally, supporters have been either excited, tensed or disappointed depending on their outcome. The quarterfinals of #TheSharksQuiz started a new era in the competition where equally outstanding institutions battled each other out to earn some more respect and retain certain dignifying accolades.


Such was the clear instance when St. Augustine’s College and St. Peters’ School mounted the stage for the third quarterfinal contest at the senior level. Both schools have been recorded to have very strong academic standing from founding times till now. It was therefore, no doubt the contest featuring the two was an eruption.


The beginning segment of the contest had either school making conscious effort to earn unmatched results. While the Eastern giants evoked academic terror and reminded their counterparts what they stood for, the coastal champions appeared manned up to overcome any adversity.


Balls set rolling and the chance of proof began. Each school had a given time to correctly answer a set of eight questions, each of which carried 10points. Both institutions like trains, stayed on their tracks and railed away. By the end of the round, Augusco pulled ahead of their opponents scoring 60 against 50.


The second confrontation quickly kicked off and it was the round that preceded the others in which points were lost for wrongly answered questions. Again, both teams hurdled off touching on various disciplines. St. Augustine’s College proved too strong for Persco. They finished off bagging 55 points while the latter made 25.


Either Persco or Augusco have had crowning moments in science and maths. The third round, also called the STEM round thus left much to be desired. It was tipped to be the “real moment” of the competition even though it wasn’t the final round.  Upon the sound of the bell they took off, both running at their heels. They fell along the way and rose to complete the race. Some falls nonetheless, were too heavy especially for the Cape Coast saints.


St. Peters’ fired away and reached the finish line with 60 whole points while Augusco limped far back at 5. Such impressive run by the saints from the east. Scores now stood at 135 and 120. St. Peters’ was in the lead. The turnover caused a lot of panic and for St. Augustine’s, not even the coolest breeze from the ocean that lay across them could soothe their nerves.


There was however, one round to revenge; the only chance for either school to prove “they can”. It called for defined mental strength to sail through the last round as victors, particularly when previous ones have been very closely contested. The most essential part of the competition rolled out.


Each school presented a representative to take on the other in individual races. They were quizzed in areas they were found to be excellent. Each pair came after the other to make a mark first, for themselves then for their respective schools. At the end of the one on one struggle, the leading team scored 5 points, 15 less of their counterparts’ in that round.


Total score came to 140 for either school. The final round had ended but a winner could not be determined because there was a tie. A tie-breaker question was to be posed to the competing schools and the one to correctly answer first was the winner. Augusco made a hasty click and bingo! They broke away and made yet another history.


The contest had been eclectic and the resounding shouts of acclamation that met the day was phenomenal. Another spot taken in the semi-finals but there was still one more to be taken. This sets the tone for another fierce challenge to be looked forward to. The anticipation is just surreal.


This year’s edition of the Sharks Quiz (#Sharks4) is sponsored by Kellogg’s Ghana and Indomie; Ashesi University, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Family Health Medical School, Academic City College (Academic Sponsors); eCampus Ghana, Shell Ghana, Givers Clean Care, Fanmilk Ghana, Fortune rice and Frytol (Associate Sponsors).

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