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The Mitch brothers celebrate their 25th with glitzy fashion soirée



Nana Mitch and his twin brother Schardo Mitch turn their twenty-fifth birthday bash into their first-ever fashion soirée, stepping into their new age with lots of smiles and glitz.

The debonair Mitch brothers know how to host one hell of a spectacle and Tuesday night (December 20) presented the two social media-famous brothers with the perfect opportunity to do so. It was their birthday! And as with everything they do, the twins couldn’t help but infuse their distinct sense of style into it, hosting their first-ever fashion soirée.

Going down in an undisclosed milieu of Accra, the glitzy birthday bash-cum-fashion soirée saw some of the city’s favorite social media sensations converge at a scenic venue to not only toast to the two celebrants with glasses of champagne but to showcase their vintage styles as well, one that drew inspiration from Hollywood icon, Marilyn Monroe and cine classic, Coming to America.

In true sophistication and grandeur, guests were welcomed onto the private event’s red carpet by personal attendants before being greeted by a waiting paparazzi. Among the select guests on sight were GENG, Sister Deborah, Hajia Bintu, Yankey Himself, Wesley Kesse, Abena Bambi, Vendajules and other relevant influencers in the industry, all of whom drove to the event in either vintage or luxury sedans and SUVs to give the parking space an ambiance fit for VIPs.


According to Nana Mitch and Schardo Mitch, the soirée was about immortalizing their twenty-fifth birthday bash: “Schardo and I have come a long way and we both wanted to create a memory worth preserving on our special day hence the nineties-inspired dress code”, Nana Mitch shared over the phone.

It’s no doubt that the Mitch brothers are masters in creating spectacles, reimagining what could’ve been another generic celebrity birthday bash into a classy event marked by glitz and glamor.

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  1. Nuramaikudi

    December 21, 2022 at 8:56 am

    I love..absolutely everything about MB@25🌝….

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