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The Struggles of shopping while thick



One of the many problems that thick people have to face while shopping for their needs is finding the right kind of mattress. The market doesn’t cater to the needs of massive set people and only looks after the average person. However, the requirements of heavy people are varied and different. So here are six tips to help thick people while shopping for mattresses.

1. Wide mattress

First of all, always ensure that your cushion is wide enough. A wide mattress provides you with sufficient lumbar support, carrying the body in a balanced way that makes for a good night’s rest without any aches or pains. Not only that, but it also allows adequate space to turn and sleep comfortably. You can use the sleepy mattress store locator to find mattress stores nearby from which you can buy the most suitable sized mattress, that gives you sufficient space to move and sleep comfortably.

2.Try out a luxury mattress

If you’re willing and able to make a proper investment into your mattress and make your bed a true haven, you should try out a luxury mattress. Luxury mattresses provide thick cushioning, which is crucial as a too-thin mattress can compress easily and cause one to hit the bed frame. Furthermore, luxury mattresses can be customised to a great deal as well, which is also a beneficial factor since there are hardly any readily available mattresses that cater to the needs of thick people. If you’re willing to make the jump, you can check out this luxury mattress review.

3.Heat control

Another issue that gets mostly overlooked is that thick people are more prone to heat and sleeping often becomes uncomfortable due to problems such as heavy sweating. This case calls for mattresses which are made of breathable and soft textile, that allows sufficient air circulation and keeps the body fresh. Proper ventilation should always be the priority during summer, especially in tropical climates. The best form of mattress that provides heat control and regulation is latex, such as this latex mattress sleep well.


This factor may seem like an unimportant one, but it is quite the opposite. For heavy set people, a mattress with sufficient bounce and flexibility is a top priority. A mattress with bounce reduces compression, preventing the mattress from sinking and allowing it to maintain its shape and form. Not only that, but the push back of a bouncy mattress allows for easy getting up and turning, which cannot be provided by regular run of the mill mattresses. Once again, textiles like Latex ensure bounce, which is a definite plus point when shopping for a mattress as a thick person.


The need for durability goes without saying. A mattress is always an investment, regardless of what type it is and ensuring that it goes a long way is essential. This point is more so in the case of heavy people, where there is usually more wear and tear and more significant chances of compression and flattening. In this case, it is best to opt for a memory foam mattress as it handles weight the best, without sagging. You can even go for a different approach and try putting a memory foam mattress topper.

6.All-around support

Sufficient support is also another essential factor that must be looked after. This includes back support, as well as edge support. Thick mattresses provide the kind of support that is necessary to ensure proper spinal alignment during sleep. Wrong spinal alignment can cause a variety of back pains and lumbar problems. Thick fabrics also allow the mattress to compress slowly and progressively, which provides comfort to the body.