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The ‘Wesley Girls’ Return to Slay at Kakumdo



The time is here again when the brainy beauties sets off to pay homage on the knowledge hill of Kakumdo.

Wesley Girls’ High School in Cape Coast is a school many of us have come to love. Why? Because any and everything these girls do gets a chunk of our attention. You have no choice than to pay attention.

This weekend it was time for the 2001 chics to host the school’s 186th Speech and Prize Giving Day. As usual it was a yellow and green affair and trust the girls to bring their A game.


Last year I was the most wanted blogger in this country. For sharing my thought on the fashion the 2000 year group ladies put up for their speech day. According to sources I was blasted for my frank opinion on the various year group WhatsApp groups. Hmmm interesting!

Last year, was alot, as the ladies were trying to out do each other and ended up becoming a mess. Some also were well put together and I acknowledged those in my article.

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So I’m told this year the 2001 divas were worried and were watching out for my remarks. Ladies I beg make una rest, as a Nigerian will say. easy easy!


I was impressed with your fashion and you chicas really understood the quote by Leonardo da Vinci. “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication “

When the kente for the occasion came out last year. I wasn’t sure it will do the lord’s work for you girls, but I must say it worked in your favour girls. The mustard and emerald green saved y’all.

Here I was waiting to drag those who will commit the sins of fashion but hey 80% of you met my expectations and slayed for the gods 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾



I will share some of my best pics and not so impressed ones. I think this year I will crown the best outfits. Watch out!!!

Delectable 💕
I love love this. Hair well laid. Outfit is banging! The corset is corsetting! Damn 🔥🔥🔥
Kim you indeed the presido… this look like Charlie Dior will say we buying with a lot of $$$. The designer deserves every penny she charged for this.
This simply lovely! The whole look is giving 🔥
I really had wanted to see the full pic of the outfit. I must say this is well done 👌🏾the puff sleeves and the corset design it’s just pretty 😍
The blouse is tastefully done ✅
Sister Akos, this is a 8/10 well put together. The waist is well snatched 😍
Everything about Ms. Patty’s outfit screams elegance. Effortlessly ravishing. Details by neyomi understood the assignment 👌🏾💕
Nania’s number was one I liked. I mean is pistis we talking about, what do you expect? The details at the top was just fine for me. I’m not convinced with the floral on her waistline. All the same the mustard bustier was super 👌🏾
Nancy, sits pretty on my list as one of the best dressed. The hair (braids) outfit and the bag. It was just screaming class. Less indeed is more. 💯💕👌🏾
Such grace and class! Nancy 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 total package!
Outfit certainly glam, it would have peppered if sis had held hair or gone with a straight bob. Nonetheless it’s a look 💕
Lady this is tastefully done. Looking svelte 😍😍😍 T your choice of shoes was the game changer. Love this.
B for good 😊
Kept it simple and safe and I like it 😍
This is age appropriate. Her shade of green and the cut of the outfit is just stunning. An example of “I won’t leave it for the children” 😅
The peplum blouse is an embellishment on its on. No need to do much. I like it 🥰
Mam, this is just exquisite. Headgear and outfit is banging.

Now let’s move on to squad goals.

Simplicitas! Lorraine and her friends are not doing much just slaying simply. Lorraine’s snatched waist line for me. The lady on her right. Love her outfit. 😍🥰💕
Standing out for me are lady first and last on right.
1st and 2nd on right for me. Their outfits are nice 😊
Brainy beauties 💕
Not bad 🤔
Twinnies without the Jamaican flags around your bust. This look was straight 7/10. The flag was needless.
Pretty to the eyes 🥰
Lady in shades I see you. You not doing much and it’s working for you.
Lady on the right,I’m buying this look. Well served!
Missy on the left you look splendid. Lady on the right. It’s a NO it didn’t work.
Ladies on both sides I love your looks 🥰 madam in the middle you look too busy dear. The hair outfit is just too much. All this for a hot sunny day? Sis it didn’t work!
Madam on the left, I get what you were trying to do with the outfit. But it didn’t work. The emerald green fabric of the kente. This made you look old and your hairdo didn’t help. Better look next time.
Lady in red shoes and bag 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🥰🥰🥰
I like this… not sure of the drapery tho. Nonetheless it’s good 😊 better come all guns blazing next year.
Love the pleated skirt. The midsection has a lot going on. What were you trying to do exactly?

Aunty Caro… 6/10 you try sha 😊

Clean makeup and the fascinator 👌🏾💕
Age ain’t nothing but a number ✌🏾

Like I stated earlier, this year is much much improvement from last year. No outrageous fascinators and accessories.

A few of the looks that stood out for me. Based on the pictures I’ve seen. Best dressed for the day.

Honest opinions only, nothing personal. Long live our school.

Photo credit: Kwame Pocho!

Source: Nana Kwesi Acquaye

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