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Tidying the Kitchen



The kitchen – perhaps one of the most important of rooms in our house, and usually the one that remains most untidy. Greasy stoves and slick basins, the refrigerator we clean out once in a blue moon, and the stainless-steel kitchen utensils that have gone black. There are so many things in the kitchen which require cleaning, but I know we seldom get time to do so. Working in the morning and taking care of the children is a whole task in itself. However, it is necessary to tidy up the kitchen occasionally (a week or two at max). 

As the founder of NW Maids, Ilya says, “A clean kitchen leads to a better marriage!”

  • Know what to Keep and Throw. 

Grab 4 boxes, and label them as ‘keep’ and ‘throw’. There are so many utensils, extra bottles, chipped crockery and more than have taken up space in the storage cabinets, but never come to use. Today, it is time to get them out, and throw them in the ‘throw’ box, to be discarded or given for recycling. 

Check in your refrigerator too for there are numerous sauces we purchase and use very less – so much so that they expire. They should go directly in the bin – decluttering the area.

  • Clean the Refrigerator/Oven/Stove. 

When was the last time you completely cleaned the most important aspects of the kitchen – the fridge, oven, and stove? This doesn’t mean wiping them by a cloth, but an actual deep clean. I’m guessing it’s been a while. 

This time, either get the help of Youtube for ways to take out fridge trays and clean it from within, or hire NW Maids to do it for you. Have the crumbs dusted off from the oven, and get your appliances looking spick and span.

  • Clean the Utensils. 

If you are going for a deep clean, it is time to get all your utensils and submerge them in some soapy water for a while. This not only cleans all remnants of food, oil, and what-not, but also brings back color and shine to our kitchen apparatus we so love. 

It is time to hit the kitchen and clean up our acts (or hire someone from NW Maids) for a clearer, hygienic kitchen workstation.

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