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Unlock Cross-platform Productivity with the new lightweight HUAWEI MateBook D Series



Entering its 30th year, Huawei announced the newest corporate mission: Building a Better Connected World. “Connecting” the world is now its primary focus. The latest EMUI version was developed based on distributed technology to support Huawei Share Multi-screen Collaboration, a new solution enabling cross-platform smartphone and PC interactions. The new lightweight HUAWEI MateBook D Series, which is available in 14 and 15 inch models, supports Multi-screen Collaboration. So what’s so special about it? Let’s take a look.



Simply put, Multi-screen Collaboration is based on Huawei’s distributed technology. It not only supports file transfers, but it also enables capability sharing across two devices. Laptops are but one of many types of PC products. With its understanding into consumer wants, Huawei developed the solution to provide a true cross-platform, highly integrated experience to consumers.



Be constrained by Bluetooth or cables no more

Multi-screen Collaboration on HUAWEI MateBook D Series does not need to rely on Bluetooth or cables to establish a connection. Instead, it uses NFC for instant pairing. All you have to do is to tap the back of your device against the Huawei Share label on the HUAWEI MateBook D to connect the devices together. Alternatively, you can also use QR code or proximity search on the HUAWEI MateBook D to pair nearby devices.



Picture-in-picture and centralised controls greatly improve productivity

The Multi-screen Collaboration experience starts at the moment you connect the HUAWEI MateBook D with a smartphone. On HUAWEI MateBook D’s display, you can show both the Android and Windows interface, and control both systems simultaneously.




Multi-screen Collaboration enables users to project their smartphone display onto the laptop. This projection is shown as a picture-in-picture window, so it doesn’t interfere with what you have been doing on Windows. If we take a deeper look, this feature also enables peripheral sharing. In other words, the mouse and keyboard connected to HUAWEI MateBook D can be used to directly control the smartphone. That way you can use the mouse and keyboard to browse news, watch dramas and also input text onto smartphone apps. Just imagine using a mouse and a keyboard for your favourite instant messenger apps!


Drag-and-drop file transfers for maximum productivity

Another thing that’s amazing about Huawei Share Multi-screen Collaboration is that it lets you do drag-and-drop file transfers from your HUAWEI MateBook D to your smartphone, or vice versa. Supported file formats include text, images, videos, PowerPoint slides, Excel spreadsheets and more. When you’re editing a document on the laptop, you can drag an image that’s saved on the smartphone into the notebook to incorporate it into the document. This two-way drag-and-drop file transfer experience fully demonstrates the benefits of cross-platform collaboration, enabling users to make the most out of all their devices at once.



From giving Windows access to the rich Android app ecosystem, to drag-and-drop file transfers, through to peripheral sharing, Multi-screen Collaboration is a solution that allows the PC and smartphone to seamlessly complement each other. It not only solves the PC pain points in connectivity, file transfers and hardware sharing, but it also integrates hardware and software capabilities to create one cohesive experience. The connection is so seamless; to say it’s a miniaturized version of the connected world Huawei has envisioned would not be an overstatement.


What Huawei Share does is beyond what a feature typically provides – it’s a full experience that redefines the relationships between devices and users. The Huawei Share Multi-screen Collaboration truly does instil new life into the notebook industry. The possibilities for the future are endless.



Thanks to the inspirations from the smartphone industry, Huawei was able have a deeper and more complete understanding of consumer wants. HUAWEI MateBook D Series features HUAWEI FullView Display, a lightweight chassis and powerful performance, but with Huawei Share Multi-screen Collaboration, it is so much more. By seamlessly bridging the divide between the MateBook and smartphone, it takes productivity to the next level – becoming a powerful “mate” that helps users get work done.

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