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Watch: Wutah Kobby accuses colleague Afriyie of greed


Watch: Wutah Kobby accuses colleague Afriyie of greed

One half of music group Wutah, Kobby, has accused his partner, Afriyie, of greed.

Kobby disclosed in an interview with JoyNewss’ MzGee that the group has not been effective after their hit song ‘Bronya’ because Afriyie, his other half has been uncooperative.

“I get emotional anytime I have got to talk about this, what bothers me most is that something that you’ve worked so hard for and then your partner is taking advantage of all the hard work you have done and using the name for his personal stuff,” he said.

He stated that all his effort to get Afriyie to comply with the rules of their contract with their label(NKZ Records) has been unsuccessful as the artist prefers to perform as a solo artist

“Yes, I sent him a message and he refused to respond. A lot of issues have come up and it is something that started, it has been going on for a long time now and I thought it could get better because we are growing,” Kobby said.

He added that “As we grow, it is like the greed gets too much and we have bills to pay and so if you are working with somebody and they get greedy and you don’t get what you deserve what is going to happen?”

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