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WATCH: ZeePay unveils new emotional video ‘Ofie’ to highlight support for the diaspora community




Multiple award-winning FinTech platform, ZeePay has unveiled a new touching video to highlight the plight and hustle of some Ghanaians in the diaspora and the organization’s zeal to ensure their hard-earned cash reaches their loved ones.

The video follows the journey of a young Ghanaian who leaves home and travels abroad in search of greener pastures to support his pregnant wife and child.

The video highlights the hustle and bustle of the young man as he struggles to find a roof over his head, while undertaking some manual and labor jobs to earn a living.


He is seen doing cleaning jobs, working at the pantry washing bowls and doing constituents jobs to be able to support his family back home

It’s all smiles at the end of the video, as the young man is able to happily send money successfully and directly through MoneyGram to the mobile money wallet of his Spouse who receives it almost instantly without any middlemen using ZeePay.

Through the video, ZeePay seeks to connect with the ordinary Ghanaian while demonstrating their commitment to ensuring that the hustle of millions of Africans is worthwhile as they can be there for the ones who matter most to them.

Watch ZeePay’s new video here



The video Follow the Journey of a young Ghanaian and how ZeePay is making the hustle of millions of Africans worthwhile here.

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