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Weekend rap-along: ‘XXl’ by Don Jazzy approved rapper, A-Q

Last week, Nigerian rapper, A-Q released an enigma freestyle described by some as the most ‘Legit’. Sometime back way before he released the enigma track, Don Jazzy tweeted – calling Rapper A-Q ‘one of the sickest rappers alive’. He jumped on the Don Jazzy’s co produced beat for Kanye West and Jay Z collabo ‘Watch […]



Last week, Nigerian rapper, A-Q released an enigma freestyle described by some as the most ‘Legit’. Sometime back way before he released the enigma track, Don Jazzy tweeted – calling Rapper A-Q ‘one of the sickest rappers alive’. He jumped on the Don Jazzy’s co produced beat for Kanye West and Jay Z collabo ‘Watch the throne’ album.

He has followed up with another track titled ‘XXL’, and video for his singles ‘Champagne and rum’ or ‘Sold out’ off his debut album, ‘The Past Present and Future’ is in the works. XXL features Soul, singing the chorus and produced by Beats by Jay.
XXL by AmeyawDebrah
Verse 1

All they do is talk about a million sold

Platinum sales money and hoes

Hennessy and mo getting me bored

U really got to blow just to get u broads

Let it be said

Before I do u lord  let me be dead

Make an ass out of yourself just to get u bread

It aint even like its going to get u fed or get u heard

Ur track is wack even u urself know it

So why u trying hard like it wasn’t u urself that showed it

I know life is a bitch that’s why I’m breeding lots of female dogs

Ur song should be in the recycle bin recycled rhymes email junk

Let it be known chat about my life all day in a way u don’t value ur own

I’m bad to the bone that produces red blood cells u can tell I’m back in d zone

Pass the patrone light up a blunt

I don’t give an F u can ride if u want

Take a lil msg to u rap number1

I’m Back– get the f**k out of my throne

so why wud I try to act fly

1st dey shit on us now they using us for ass wipe

The senate seating on our money while their cash pile

Read the fact file  get it up and act wild

If war breaks out how u gonna chill in the house that u bought and be acting up

How u gonna live like a star driving them cars all up in the club and pop

Pop champagne what u gonna do if a tsunami hits—- cos u got money

after all said and done ur vanity upon vanity rich aint that a bitch

I’m racing in my sleep guess I’m chasing dreams

Ur best rapper spits fire I’m spitting laser beams

y’all want me out the game then I guess u win

But the same door out is the same door in



I’ve seen the high I’ve seen the low

Paid my dues now I’m ready to go

Blood in my eyes that’s the hustlers code

Hustlers code

I stay fly can’t touch the ground

Come my way and I’d run u down

Like the champ I’mo run ur town

Run ur town run ur town



These people hand me their trust I can and i burst no canibus and I

aint the fan of the cops, wanna hand me cuffs I ran with the bus but

government got us all f**ked in the asshole

They like tadpoles in cashflow

With waves degrade d minimum wage, live us in rage living on

hope,living with the blood that the innocent paid

Is this how much ur soul cost

Is it all about the money and how much a fella floss

to me is just a game to me its just a spot

The only cost is winning and I know I got more beats than josh– hush

They calling me out I put em on hold

next phone call I’mo put It on a song

U tell me ur right I tell u I left I’m light yrs ahead u 10mins gone

I got clock set on Gods time

god flo god body God I got mine

Omg I got rhymes cot damn

How can i brag when my brothers are getting cutdown

Bokoharam bomb up how is it I can shine

When poverty is intense priority is crime

And these rappers got the guts talking they sick where from

I’m positive with God the negative is me in hell form

Better get the hell on, animalistic in this bi**ch with a baseball bat

and a hockey cap ready to smash on sloppy cats

Even when I’m rusty I go rocky on this punching bags

My old flow is dusty still it got knuckles that could brush u bad

Hands up 2 fingers  double f**k u signs

pop a bottle to that I pop in a bullet with ur name and pop ur spine





There is NO LOVE in the Ghana Music Industry musician STEGUE cries out



Ghanaian singjay Stegue seems to be bitter about how the Ghanaian Music industry is full of hatred for each other which shouldn’t be so.

He says there is ‘No Love’ in the industry unlike other countries and that is one of the reasons why our industry is refusing to grow because instead of collaborating and helping each other grow to face the world market at large we find ourselves competing with each other in this small space.

In his recent release of the visuals for song titled ‘No Love’ a single off his Debut EP ‘Xpensive Style ‘ he cries out and addresses the hatred in the system .

In a recent tweet he stated clearly   .” There is No love in the Ghana Music industry ,let’s not forget that at the end it’s us against the world” .In his recent video he talks about the hatred in the system and unnecessary competition .


Fans were amused after his statements while they highly anticipate the release of his sophomore Project “Songs For The Deaf” year .

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I’ve never cheated on my wife in our 16 years of marriage – Okyeame Kwame reveals



Ghanaian musician and songwriter Kwame Nsiah-Apau, popularly known as Okyeame Kwame, says he has never cheated on his wife since they married 16 years ago. (more…)

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“I want to go to Psychiatric again, take me back to psychiatric” -Funny Face relapses and cries for help



The actor in a new video has been weeping over his failed love life. According to him, he has never been lucky when it comes women. “Herh Yaw Boateng, you have followed a*s and disappointed yourself, I have been crying,” he said.
Funny Face was speaking about his ex-wife, baby mama and another woman he claims has given a child of his to another man in Germany because of money.
Recounting his experience with women in his life, Funny Face says he wants to go back to the Accra Psychiatric Hospital. “Herh woman go show you … Someone has slept with my wife and married her, I didn’t take the 7:30 medicine, it calms me down,” he said.

“AM ABOUT TO DROP SOME BOMBSHELLS !! I give JEHOVAH all da glory … you girls thought .. I was a fool? Nooo NEVER !! I loved u genuinely .. dats why .. you fucked urselves like a female dog “ BITCH “ yet I still loved you girls with all my heart especially VANNESSA.. cos you gave me #ELLAandBELLA my precious Darlings .. I was even ready to die for you VANNESSA .. but what did u do .. u sold me cheap to my haters.. GIRL get ready .. people will know da real you .. why are u selling pussy tightener and dick enlargement on ur page .. after u got followers from my fam base .. I think … like 17,000 #FunnyFans came to follow you because you took a picture with me at da psychiatric and it went viral .. so my fans came to follow u .. what did u do .. u disgraced dem by selling pussy juice .. kwasssiaaaa baaaashasheeeeee … because dats how … u get to meet ur “ men “ …. Mordern “ HOOK UP “ .. been quite for soo long .. am abt to drop some secrets !! GHANA GET READY …. IS ABT TO GO DOWN.”


After sharing various videos recounting his pain, the “COW AND CHICKEN” actor called for help.

“Someone has slept with my wife and married her, another one too has given my child to another man because of money, Yaw Boateng I am tired … I want to go to Psychiatric again, take me back to psychiatric,” he said whilst crying in a now-deleted video.

Funny Face experiences 7th suicide attempt, saved by Military men in Kumasi

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MzGee resigns from Media General after 2 years



TV3 and 3FM’s entertainment journalist and television host, Gloria Akpene Acquah, popularly known as MzGee, has quit her job with the Media General after 2 years. (more…)

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Use local songs for your Tiktok videos – Kuami Eugene appeals to Ghanaians



Lynx Music signee, Kuami Eugene has called out social media users who are usually seen jamming to other nationals’ songs on Tiktok to equally do more videos with Ghanaian songs. (more…)

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Nigerians mourn as fast-rising compere, MC Eve dies in a car crash in Lagos



Nigerians are mourning event host, Evelyn Adewunmi, popularly known as MC Eve, who died in a car crash. (more…)

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