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What to Visit on a Trip to Oban




Oban can be a great place to go for a long weekend and has plenty to do and see whether you’re a fan of the indoors or outdoors. So, get one of these Oban hotel deals and enjoy a trip.

Visit Dunolie Museum (This Includes the Castle and Grounds)

You can find the castle and the ground beyond the town limits. Take some time to explore and take in the amazing views by visiting the ruins and the isle of Kerrara which you are going to see from a distance. The castle ground has a great museum. There is a lot to learn and explore if you are interested in the history of this area.

These ruins date back to the fifteenth century and you will enjoy your visit. The ‘1745 House’ which is on the ground has a large variety of interesting displays and artifacts relating to the MacDougall clan and information about the development of the local community over the centuries.


You are going to enjoy a lot of interactive displays – there are also a lot of different workshops – like weaving demonstrations and displays. You should take advantage of the guided tour that is offered on this property – if you choose to go there on Sunday; you will get the chance of seeing a demonstration by the local piper. The castle ground has a cozy garden café where you can buy refreshments.

Visit Dunstaffnage Chapel and Castle

If you want to dive more and learn about Scottish history, then you need to consider visiting Dunstaffnage Castle which is not far from Oban. When you take this short 4-mile trip, you have a chance of exploring the castle overlooking Loch Etive’s entrance. The walls of the three towers are 10 feet thick. They are among the oldest in Scotland. When you visit this place, you will be impressed with the skills that builders used to have back in the 13th century, which was the time when these castles were under the Campbell clan.

In the 17th century, the residential tower was erected. The cannons found there have been finely preserved and they were salvaged from the wreck of a Spanish Galleon. It sank during Spanish Armada. You can also view the ruins of the 13th-century chapel on the grounds. You should make time to visit that area because there is a rumor that it was the Scottish royalty’s final resting place. It is also rumored to be the resting place of the Campbell clan. Once you are done with the visit, you will be happy you made the time to go there.


Tour Castle Stalker

You will take a scenic 25-mile drive in this amazing part of Scotland to reach Castle Stalker. This is also the perfect place to go if you are looking for a romantic gateway location. This is on the scenic island of Loch Linnhe, which is a small island. This was the home of the Stewards of Appin and was constructed in the 14th century. It was used later as a retreat and hunting lodge for James IV (This is why it is also named Gaelic for hunter). This castle was restored back in the 1960s and many can recognize it because it is one of the main sets used for ‘Monty Python and the Holy Grail’, a comedy classic.

You can get tours of the property from April to September. You have to book the tours in advance. You are going to love this tour because it is going to involve taking a beautiful boat trip to the island. The daily tours are going to take 2 hours and they can be directed by only the members of the owner’s family. The location has a rugged terrain and you need to keep this in mind because it makes it very challenging for those with mobility issues or who are using a wheelchair.

The Bonawe Iron Furnace


It is located on the shores of Loch Etive. It is a charcoal-fired ironworks that was used from 1735-1876 and today the furnace and the buildings around have been restored to look like they did before. The adjacent buildings restored include two sheds that were used for storing coal when the furnace was still running.

The forge had employed 600 workers at one time, with most of them focused on woolgathering and manufacturing charcoal. A couple of years before it was closed, it was used in manufacturing cannonballs that were used in the Battle of Trafalgar. Because of that, the nearby Taynuilt village erected a Lord Nelson monument.

If you want to explore the area, make sure you have also visited the nearby Glen Nant National Nature Reserve. This is the forest where workers were felling wood that was used to make charcoal in the furnace.

Visit Loch Etive and the Ardchattan Priority Gardens


If you want to reach the northern end of Loch Etive, be ready for an adventure that will either involve the use of a boat or a dirt road – this is where the remote and unspoiled Glen Etive has its beginning. The people who considered themselves nature lovers are going to have a great time here. They will get the chance to explore the area that is home to the Golden Eagles. This is amazing because the wings stretch about eight feet from one tip to the other. If you are lucky, you can see this amazing bird hunting for rodents or even larger prey like a young deer. You shouldn’t miss the opportunity of boarding the cruise boat when you visit this area because you are going to view the amazing natural attractions of the loch. A good option is the Etive Boat Trips because they offer a wide range of amazing excursions.

The Ardchattan Priory Gardens were founded back in 1230 by Valliscaulian monks. They came from Burgundian Val des Choux. The gardens are on the northern bank of Loch Etive. The troops of Oliver Cromwell almost completely destroyed the buildings on the site, but most of the transept remains are still intact. The gardens are over 700 years old and they have more than 200 varieties of shrubs. Rose lovers enjoy this garden a lot because there are a lot of specimens there.

The property also has some fine Yew trees. It is reputed that the trees were pruned by Robert the Bruce who used the wood when making the longbows that influenced the battles with the English.

There are many Oban hotel deals and that means you are going to find one that works for you. These deals will help you make the most out of your visit.


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