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Why are import duties in Ghana so high? It makes no sense- Michael Blackson



Ghanaian-American actor and comedian, Michael Blackson has recently taken to Twitter and Instagram to make complaints about the cost of clearing goods in Ghana.

Blackson’s rants come after he was charged an outrageous amount to clear goods via DHL in Ghana.

The “Coming to America” actor does not understand why the cost of duty fees is as high as the price of goods.


“I have cousins in Ghana with no jobs and no income. Because the country lacked jobs, they wanted to open a store if I could help. I purchased about $10k of items and when it arrived thru DHL, customs said they will need to pay $10k to retrieve. IT MAKES NO SENSE,” he shared on Twitter.

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A very unhappy Blackson shared that he understands this may be a problem in other 3rd world country and he’s open to helping fix it.

“I’m sure people in other 3rd world countries are going thru this smh. Don’t worry we will fix this, it’s not fair to the people of Ghana,” he added.


Meanwhile, Blackson has also bemoaned the depreciation of the Ghana Cedi and has asked for the authorities involved to find a better solution to help locals survive.

“Bad enough our money went from $1 to 5 cedis to $1 to 15 cedis. Our people are suffering and nothing is affordable for the poor locals. Let’s find a better solution to help our people of Ghana,” he shared in a separate tweet.


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