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Why Is Stremio The Best App For Movie Lovers?



Thanks to the Internet and other advances in the field of technology, there is an extensive amount of content available online for your entertainment. Some websites share videos like Vimeo and YouTube for free, and again there are video streaming service portals like HBO Go, Netflix, Hotstar, and more.

You should not forget torrent sites for entertainment, and the point here is the media content that you watch comes from all kinds of different sources, namely services and websites, so getting what you want to view can be extremely difficult. The reason being that you need to go through many different interfaces loaded with ads, and the video content that you want to view might be restricted in your geographical location. You only discover this restriction when you click to play the video.

How can Stremio step in to help you resolve the issue?

If you are frustrated with the above issue when you search for entertainment content on video services and websites, it is high time for you to switch to Stremio. This is an addon entertainment- based application where the media content is provided to you by third-party or official addons. The addon has a catalog of TV series, movies, and channels for Stremio to stream media content from. Now, you might have the question as to what makes Stremio so special and why it is popular today? Experts say you do not have to be tech-savvy in any way to use Stremio and its addons. The process of adding Stremio along with its addons on almost any device is simple, and it just takes one click for you to begin.


When it comes to installing an addon, you do not have to do it from the official store of Stremio. You can take it from the third party community of Stremio addon developers in just one click.

These Stremio addons are well created, designed, and very secured. The best part is the app will not run any extra code on the device on which you play Stremio. This means you can activate it without any fears at all. Today, Stremio is so popular that it is a big name to reckon with other media player application tools like Kodi and Plex. Again, there are some addons that allow you to watch Stremio directly in its video player that has been built in the app.

Keep all your entertainment videos and files in one place

Users of Stremio say that it is the one-stop solution for all your media entertainment. It is an excellent and straightforward platform that is simple for anyone to use. It gives you all the entertainment that you would like to watch, and this is why it is considered to be one of the most popular media player software tools in the market today.


Thanks to Stremio, you can effectively collect all the TV channels and the shows that you want to watch from the comforts of your home. You can store them in your library on the Cloud. You can play these videos on any mobile device and PC that is compatible with Stremio. This means all your favorite content is located in a single place for you to watch at any time of the day you want to. There is no fear of you losing your favorite content as it is always there for you.

How does Stremio work for you?

The way Stremio works depends upon the type of add-ons that you have added and activated. These addons are organized into the following sections-

  1. Discover- The most viewed and popular video content is stored here in this catalog.
  2. The Board- Here, you get new notifications about the upcoming episodes of video channels, and TV shows that you follow along with the recommendations of things that you might like to watch too.
  3. The Library – This is the space where your favorite content is stored. The video channels and the TV shows that you would like to follow and watch later as well. This Library resembles the Netflix queue.
  4. Calendar- This space displays the tentative release dates of videos, movies, and episodes.

Some of the default addons you get with the Stremio app.

The following are some of the default addons that you get with the Stremio app. With them, you can watch multiple YouTube channels, TV series, and movies. They are given below-

  1. Cinemeta- Here you get information about TV series and movies
  2. Cinema- This addon gives you streaming content of Stremio partners
  3. YouTube- You can listen and watch videos on YouTube
  4. Guidebox- This addon offers you streams from iTunes, HBO Go, Hulu and more
  5. TV- You get live TV entertainment from

The Board is one of the best innovative features of Stremio. It is here that you will receive notifications for new videos, episodes of TV shows, and more. This space gives you an extensive stream of unlimited video content that is customized for you. It is one of the best ways for you to understand what you want to watch and see.

Stremio is also a great alternative to Popcorn Time when it comes to movies, video content, and entertainment. However, when you are using Stremio, ensure that you install a free VPN for Popcorn Time so that your online activities are secure. The VPN also hides the location from where you are logging in.

When you are using any third-party addon on Stremio, you must install a VPN. There are some addons that might not be available in your country, and you would want to access it. In such cases, installing a good quality VPN will help you to gain access to the addon and hide all your Internet activities as well as the location from where you are accessing Stremio from. In short, the VPN will keep your online activities private, and you will gain complete anonymity while using it as well.


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