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Why Poker is Making Headlines on the African Continent



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After Christopher Convey became the first African to collect a million Rand from playing Texas Hold ’em Poker in Africa, gambling and poker gaming shifted. Since 2006, the African continent has witnessed more and more African countries taking up the game as people wanted to play real money online poker. Today, the continent carries out an All African Poker Series Tournament, with the top five players earning each seat in the overall World Championship Poker game series. But why is poker’s popularity on the rise in the African Continent?

Flexible Gambling Laws

Most of the African countries have legalized gambling in most forms. Although some countries are still conservative and only legalize sports betting with only select games, most have now made it possible to play real money poker online. For instance, South Africa remains a battlefield for most gambling games. But, players do have the freedom to engage in online poker activities. In regions with restrictions, players must keep track of and ensure regular updates on all gambling laws before playing poker in Africa.

All Africa Poker Tournament

The appearance and legalization of the All Africa Poker Tournament are major reason poker’s popularity is rising in Africa. The event has become an attraction to people across the African continent. To top it all, the tournament is held four times in a single year in the Piggs Peak Hotel and Casino in Swaziland. Most rewards are in Rand, but the popularity of this tournament spans across the globe.

An All-in African Poker Television Shows

Nothing sparks more interest in a game, product, or service than a regular advertisement on television and other media, leave alone having a whole television channel dedicated to it. Poker in Africa is receiving much attention from the Poker in Africa television show. Players get to watch the All Africa Poker TV, which brings forth several poker matches, tournaments, and world series. On this channel. Potential players get to enjoy

  • World Poker Tour and game series
  • European Poker Tour
  • Regular professional advice with arranged game talks/real-time matches

Although these are from a viewership perspective, most players have developed an interest in the game from watching the pros on the All Africa Poker TV channel.


Africa is a continent with a high population: Potential poker players. Gambling has also proven to be a major source of revenue resulting in the licensing of online gambling activities in many African countries. Thus, African players learn more about poker from the All African Poker Tournaments held in South Africa four times in one year and the poker-dedicated television shows. With this and more online poker adverts in Africa, the game is bound to become Africa’s most popular casino game.

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