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Will Trade be the same after Covid-19?



With the disruption of the global supply chain by Covid-19, there is concern as to where Africa’s future market and trading opportunities lie. Trade and export demands have dwindled for some companies and skyrocketed for other companies. For the first time in world history, the price of the West Texas Intermediate (WTF) Crude oil slammed into negative $37 per barrel in April, 2020.


The Covid-19 pandemic has taught all African economies the importance of self-reliance in healthcare, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and PPE production. The AfCFTA could therefore not have come at a more opportune time as several African economies are beginning to look within and focus on local manufacturing and production of most essentials needs and exports.


As the government of Ghana stated in the objective response to COVID-19, we must inspire expansion of our domestic capability and deepen our self-reliance. We have seen this in our local manufacturing industries with our pharmaceuticals and distilleries collaborating to manufacture alcohol based sanitizers to meet the increasing demands.


How would COVID -19 affect export trade?

Export trade has been impacted through mass production shutdowns and supply chain disruptions. There is a huge supply chain challenge on the ability for businesses to ship and receive products on time due to logistic bottlenecks and limited workforce capacity. Countries that are net exporters of oil and gas will perhaps experience the biggest adverse impact. Other commodities such as coffee and copper prices will also plummet as a result of the impact of COVID-19 on export trade. The JP Morgan global Purchasing Managers’ Indices (PMIs) for March showed export orders in manufacturing sinking to 43.3 relative to a baseline value of 50, and new services in export business dropping to 35.5, suggesting a severe downturn.


Impact on the sub region

Across the region, COVID -19 has impacted businesses and sectors differently. The hospitality sector, due to border closures and reduction in international travel, tourism and entertainment have adversely been impacted, whilst technology services providers are seeing growth as people embrace the new normal, where organizations have employees working from home, students learning online, etc.


In addition, Covid-19 has disrupted global supply chain and this presents an opportunity for countries to look at rebalancing over-reliance on global suppliers in favor of more competitive regional and local manufacturers. This presents a huge opportunity for our local manufacturer. This is the time for local and regional manufacturers as well as exporters to collaborate to increase market share.


Financing Opportunities are available to Businesses


  1. Credit facilities for SMEs: There are both secured and unsecured loans available for the SME sector to access, and at Absa we offer unsecured loans of up to GHS 500,000 to SMEs among other credit solutions.
  2. Enterprise and supply chain development: Non-traditional bank lending solutions are provided to finance SMEs (who supply or distribute goods on behalf of a corporate organization) within Corporate’s value chain.
  3. Export Credit Agency (Backed Financing): ECAs are private or quasi-governmental institutions that acts as an intermediary between national governments and exportersto issue export insurance solutions and guarantees for financing.
  • This facility enables local manufacturers and exporters to purchase equipment needed for processing to add value to our raw materials for exports.
  • It also offers facilities with longer tenure and competitive interest rates.

For example, exporters within the small-scale industries can take advantage of the $300 million guarantees offered by EXIM US to source and procure machinery and equipment from the United States for their factories.

Some examples of ECAs are : Ghana EXIM Bank, United Kingdom Export Finance(UKEF), African Export-Import Bank (Afreximbank), and Export-Import Bank of the United States (Ex-Im Bank).


Taking advantage of such financing options help equip private-sector operators to add value to our raw materials through processing and thereby generating higher export value.


  1. Contingent liability solutions through Letters of Credit: This provides a higher level of security to exporters. Its inclusion in a contract of sale provides possible assurance to both parties (exporters & importers) and safeguards your business by determining;
  • Payment – A means of payment
  • Security – Independent  payment undertaking by the issuing bank
  • Credit function – Deferred payment terms


Opportunities for the Ghanaian business to meet the country and continent’s needs.


  • There is an opportunity for upscale and collaboration of our local industries to meet both local demand and that of the continent. Africa has the second-highest urbanization rate in the world and by 2050, 56% of its population will be urban (UNDP, 2017). Demand for food in urban areas, will reach $1 trillion and this is clear evidence of why local and regional manufacturers must scale up to meet the local demands as well as exports.


  • Investment opportunities exist in the Agro-processing industries to add value, reduce post-harvest losses, reduce our import bill, increase our exports and expand demand for local agricultural produce.


  • Developing arable land through irrigation is another key area. A report released by the African Development Bank Group (2017) noted that Africa has 65% of the world’s remaining uncultivated arable land. Ghana only has about 11 000 hectares irrigable land, with a potential to irrigate about 346 000 hectares (2010 Population and Housing Census Report/ Central Intelligence Agency – The World Factbook). This can boost our food crop harvest to meet both local and continental demands.


  • Distribution is another area of opportunity to meet the country and continent’s needs. Support services are in demand in Ghana, such as the supply and installation of cold chain equipment, packaging and factory building technology. In the distribution field, there are investment opportunities in providing post-production services needed in transport, packaging and cold vans.


Is there a silver lining in the Covid-19 crisis for Africa and AfCFTA?

There is a huge supply chain challenge. Logistic bottlenecks and limited workforce capacity that has affected the ability for businesses to ship and receive products on time. However as the old adage goes, “crisis is also an opportunity” and this is no exception. African countries can build more resilient and sustainable economies if they can do things right following the pandemic.


Covid-19 has disrupted global supply chain and this presents an opportunity for countries to look at rebalancing over-reliance on global suppliers in favor of more competitive regional and local manufacturers. There is a huge opportunity for our local and regional manufacturers to collaborate to increase market share.


How should Ghana and Africa navigate the waters now?

  • Significant attention must be given to the most sensitive part of our economy, that is, SME lending. According to the International Trade Centre and Association of Ghana, SMEs constitute about 85% of all businesses in Ghana; however, the pandemic has saddled the majority with several challenges that has affected operations and business growth. Support measures must be implemented to ease the burden businesses are going through and aid the smooth recovery of our ailing economies.

The Ghana Coronavirus Alleviation Programme put in place to support our SMEs in these challenging times is a good example. Algeria and Angola governments have put in place debt finance, employment support and business cost to alleviate SMEs adversely hit by the pandemic.


  • Efforts in the current crisis should also focus on assisting strategic multinational corporations and their suppliers to preserve the value chains. Some countries are also allowing companies in export-oriented industrial parks to supply locally, and facilitating multinational corporations’ expansion into new production lines as part of the country’s strategic re-orientation to in-demand products and services in light of COVID-19.


  • We also need to keep Africa’s supply chains and borders open for business. This means expediting shipments for relief and medical consignments, paperless pre-arrival processing and digital solutions to respect social distancing. Governments need to keep on-line trade information and help desks operational to help speedy response.


The Opportunity Africa offers

Africa is a continent beaming with enormous of growth opportunities. I will however focus on the huge potential for industrialization and infrastructure.


Huge Potential for industrialization

Processing presents an opportunity for value addition to rich raw materials as we process, package and add value. Some examples are:

  • Cotton for textiles and Apparels
  • Cocoa for Chocolates:  In confectioneries, Niche Cocoa Confectionary, is a bean-to-bar producer of refined chocolate, chocolate drinks, and spreads.
  • Cereals – Ghana and Africa abounds in maize , millet and other cereals
  • Breweries – Africa in particular has a low cost beer market due to the readily availability of starch crops such as Maize, Cassava, and Sorghum.


Apart from the above, developing export-based manufacturing in sub-Saharan Africa by increasing local production in areas such as PPEs, Sanitizers, Pharmaceuticals, Construction materials, chemical and machinery. Pharmaceuticals and protective equipment are imported largely from Europe and other COVID-19 affected countries. As global demand for these products sharply rises, the increase in prices can lead to reduced availability for Africa.  Despite the large medical aid promised by traditional donors and China, diagnostic material, personal protective equipment, and other medical equipment are in short supply. This evidently provides investment opportunities for the continent.



Infrastructure (Transport, Communication & Electricity)

  • Improving infrastructure increases the chances of growing exports.

Investments and improvements in infrastructure can significantly lower production and transaction costs, thereby increasing competitiveness and expanding market access.


  • An opportunity to develop Strategic facilities such as Trade harbors, financial hubs, and special economic zones create avenues to improve our infrastructure to make our nations more attractive to investors.


  • Develop Commute Channels such as cross-border railways, air routes, water routes, roads, etc. to ease trade and exports, as the cost of transport is often higher than the value of the goods being transported.


  • Infrastructure is a key determinant of attracting investment in export-based manufacturing. In Rwanda, the favorable business climate, along with relatively high-quality infrastructure and trade logistics services, suggests it has a promising platform to attract Foreign Direct Investment into export-based manufacturing. Countries that do not have these favorable infrastructure characteristics are likely to miss the next wave of Chinese investments into African manufacturing sector.


How do we salvage and keep AfCFTA on track amidst Covid-19 restrictions?

  • Negotiations towards the AfCFTA should continue via video conferencing platforms to enable our readiness once the pandemic is under full control. The AfCFTA should also be ready for countries and businesses to utilize for recovery in areas of trade, investment, manufacturing, jobs and growth.


  • Invest heavily in the continent’s telecommunication infrastructure. We need to leverage on technology to promote sensitization of AfCFTA initiatives and promote collaboration between relevant stakeholders. Ensuring internet availability and accessibility at affordable rates to the great majority of people of our people will help keep the vision on track. We also need to maintain active and multiple transactional channels to help facilitate trade activities amidst restriction.
    • Encourage cross border trade activities: enforce commitment from AfCFTA nations to allow goods and services to freely move across African countries while ensuring the highest standard of hygiene protocols.


  • Ease cost of Transacting: Collaboration amongst financial institutions, telecommunications companies and Fintechs to improve convenience and reduce cost of cross border transactions to promote trade as well as support the expansion in ecommerce channels.


  • Digitization: Movement restriction also offer an opportunity for the continent to move away from our traditional ways of trading and leveraging on innovative solutions to promote trade. We need to create and trade over digitalized commodities and stock exchange markets.



There is a great potential for exponential growth in export trade if we take the right steps. COVID-19 provides an opportunity for us to take more concrete steps towards realizing the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) by:

  • Focusing on increasing local production capacity,
  • Investing in new technological developments in our agricultural and production process and
  • Harmonizing our trade-related regulations, customs controls, and reducing both tariff and non-tariff barriers.


We should be able to boost Intra-Africa trade from the 18% of total exports, (as at 2018) to meet and even exceed that of our European and Asian counterparts whose Intra-continental trade are well above 50%.

Africa has what it takes to overcome the challenges Covid-19 has brought and redefine export trade as we leverage on our wealth of human and natural resources for expansion.

By Ellen Ohene-Afoakwa, Regional Corporate Director – West Africa, Absa Bank


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Glitz Africa’s Beauty Forum ’21 discusses beauty aesthetics, influencers & production



Glitz Africa organized the second edition of the Beauty Forum, a side event of the annual Glitz Africa Fashion Week; a platform to engage beauty experts, entrepreneurs, influencers and enthusiasts to discuss all things beauty. It took place on Wednesday, October 20 at The Underbridge, East Legon.

It took off with a message from the keynote speaker, Ms Dzigbordi Dosoo, the certified high-performance coach.

The first panel was moderated by the forum host, Miss Gina Nipah, a plus size model and owner of Hapin Hair Lounge. The speakers on the panel discussing ‘The crave for beauty aesthetics, does it really work?’ included Trudy Arnold (CEO, Studio 7 Beauty Lounge), Jahara M Osman (Founder, Premier Aesthetic Clinic), Siran Mahama (CEO, Reviv Ghana), Emily Bodom (CEO, Enhance by EB) and Tish Tagoe (CEO, Luxury Beauty Spa).

They discussed both surgical and non-surgical beauty procedures, the likely complications and safety measures they take.

The second panel discussed the topic, ‘Building brand relationships with influencer marketing’ with Founder of LXHR Solutions, Lexy O. Boahene as moderator. The speakers included; Chris Kata (TV host/Entrepreneur), Larley Lartey (Digital Creator/Creative Director) and Maame Gyamfua Yeboah (Co-founder, Oh My Hair).

The ladies discussed the era of influencer marketing, what they consider before coming on board as influencers and brands look out for in choosing influencers among other issues.

The last panel was moderated by the Co-founder of Polish’d Nails and Beauty Bar, Nana Amobi Chambers on the topic, ‘From sourcing to distribution – Exploring the process of beauty production’ with Akosua Opoku (Owner, Beautymarked – a skincare and makeup retail) and Ernest Ekuma (Managing Director, Tree of Life).

Adeline Asante Antwi, a manager at Garnier did a short presentation on some of their products and offered some freebies to the guests. Zeepay also did a presentation on their products.

Some of the guests included Sacha Okoh (CEO, SO Aesthetics), Vanessa Gyan (media personality and entrepreneur), Ramona McDermott (fashion influencer) among others.

Partners of the Forum included MAC Cosmetics, Zeepay and Garnier.

Food partners which included The Salad Bar, Omama Chocolate, Sunny Snacks and Lizgyei Drinks provided refreshment to the guests.

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Full Winners Ghana Events Awards2021: Outstanding stakeholders awarded to boost morale in creative industry



Full Winners Ghana Events Awards2021

Ghana Events Awards(GEA), a creative industry player has awarded over 20 of its members in the creative art sector to boost their morale and encourage them work assiduously to make the industry a lucrative job for the upcoming artists.


The host and co-host, Jay foley and Roselyn Felli both of Joy Prime television at multimedia were very magnificent and hilarious as they are on top of the game throughout the ceremony giving the audience and invited guests the pleasure needed to enjoy the awards night at Movenpic Hotel in Accra.

Also at the 4th GEA night, citations and plaques were presented to winners in various categories like Best MC of the year, Best Disc Jockey (DJ) player of the year, Best Event Planner of the year, Best Event of the year among others.


Speaking to journalists, the Chief Executive of GEA, Kelvin Kenneth was delighted and expressed his appreciation to the Board of Directors and all stakeholders who were involved in making the event possible and successful.


He explained that the nomination and selection of winners in the various categories is based on lots of considerations from the public, Board members and the economy which includes good lightening system, sound system, stage and the environment in which the event was held or occasioned.

” the public, Board members and other economic issues were considered and other issues factored in during the nomination and selection of Best possible winners in the various categories”, he said.


Mr. Kenneth added that his next option is to focus on how to improve and extend the awards ceremony to other African countries, adding that, this will even place Ghana on the limelight and also enhance the creative industry across the African continent.


He therefore called for unity among the industry players in the creative arts in order to fight a common course or agenda for the benefit of the upcoming artists.

The founder of Jandel Limited who own the overall Best award in the creative industry, Afia Moro advised her colleagues to have a passionate feeling for the creative art rather than seeking for money, stating that, your passion for the job will let you earn good money at the end.


She tasked all stakeholders in the creative art industry to be innovative and creative through learning in order to enable them reinvent new things and bring new ideas to the table which can be a tool to remain in business even in this era of the pandemic.


“try to be driven by passion whiles you try to earn good money and also educate yourselve and be in track by using the advance technologies like the internet and social media that will make us in the creative industry be at par with our competitors in the outside world”, she added.


She further outlined some challenges like failure to recognize the industry by government, division among members, failure to be paid the right amount among others that are facing the industry and wished they can be addressed as soon as possible to drive them forward.


” we lack so many things and when it comes to certain things, government fail to recognize us like the sharing of the stimulus packages during the COVID-19 era, most of our members who also placed in their request were sidelined and never get anything”, she said.

But she was grateful and optimistic that the challenges will be addressed due to government’s establishment of the creative art alongside the tourism sector, adding, we can voice out our grievances at that department to be addressed by the appropriate authorities.


Also, the Best Master of Ceremony (MC) winner from multimedia, Andy Dosty appealed to government to include the industry in the distribution of the stimulus package or offer some of the members some loans that will cushion them since the pandemic have already caused a huge damage to the industry and things are difficult for most of the members in the industry in Ghana.


He also praised the award planners and stakeholders for making the event successful because according to him, there has been an improvement in this year’s ceremony and very optimistic the previous award ceremonies will be greater.


” am considering and wished stakeholders will come together and put their resources together to ensure a massive awards ceremony in the next occasion “, he noted.


The winners of the various categories are as follows:



























Adonko next level energy drink.

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5 Ways To Increase Watch Time on Your YouTube Channel



kofi tv

One of the key players in the YouTube Algorithm is watch time. When you increase your average watch time, YouTube will reward you by promoting your channel through both natural search and in recommended videos. This ultimately leads to more exposure for your channel. This article will dive into 5 different ways you can get more watch time on your video.

1. Start a Youtube Series Playlist

A series playlist allows you to compile similar videos into one convenient location. This tool not only makes your channel more user friendly and easier to navigate, but by placing similar videos into one convenient location, you are encouraging users to continue watching.

This is the age of binge watching and if people see one video they enjoy, they’re likely to stick around and watch the next. Organizing your videos into a series playlist puts them into a loop where one video plays automatically after another, thus having your viewer hooked and reaching for the popcorn while they spend more time watching your videos.

You can create a playlist from existing videos on your channel or create videos specifically for a series or themed playlist. Aim for quality over quantity and don’t upload more than 10 videos in a series. This is a win-win as your watch time increases and your viewers get to see more of what they love from your channel.

2. Incorporate Youtube Chapters in Your Videos

Youtube Chapters allows you to add descriptions to individual segments of your video and break it up into more digestible pieces. The more information you can provide to the viewer, the better. This helps users find exactly what they’re looking for in your content and they’ll be more likely to watch the entirety of your video since they can clearly read what each segment contains.

Chapters can be automatically or custom created. We recommend custom creating your video chapters so you have more control over how the titles read for each segment and use keywords to further optimize your content. If you choose to use automatic chapters, always read over them to make sure they are relevant and complimentary to your video.

3. Choose an Engaging Title

Your video title should accurately reflect what a viewer will expect from your video. This is important to build trust with your viewers and prevent drop-off. Summing up your video into one irresistibly enticing line may seem a bit challenging but follow these tips help you out:


  • Keep it under 70 characters
  • Include keywords that match your topic and will naturally increase your search rank
  • Use all caps on certain buzz words within your title and add a call to action
  • Write your title in the same tone and voice you use in your videos


4. Create A Complimentary Thumbnail to Support Your Title

A good title deserves an equally good thumbnail to go with it. Youtube will help you choose one out of a variety of shots, but we recommend making your own for an extra personalized touch. There are tons of professional design softwares you can use that are free, our most recent favorites are Snappa and Canva.

To create a good thumbnail, stick to your branding. This includes everything from font, colors, tone of voice in text and everything in between that defines who you are as a brand. Make sure your branding shines in a clean and simple design that doesn’t overwhelm the viewer. Find a relevant and eye-catching photo that will stop users in their tracks as they scroll. A good thumbnail makes the viewer excited for what they’re about to watch!

5. Track Your Progress Using Youtube Analytics

Tracking your progress on Youtube Analytics helps you gain insights about what is working to increase watch time and also what isn’t. Try new things to see what works. Learning what doesn’t work is just as important as learning what does. Be diligent and create a system for tracking your analytics and how you will use that information on your channel.

To access your insights, log in to Youtube Studio and click on “analytics.” Once you’re in, you can view everything from your watch time of subscribers vs non-subscribers to how certain impressions led to more watch time.

Watch time is an important element of the YouTube algorithm and influences how your video will be listed. Use these tips to get more watch time and have more of your content appreciated!

We hope you enjoyed this blog.


If you are interested in having your YouTube channel and videos discovered by A LOT more fans, then start your campaign on now. We will distribute your video on blogs, games, apps, and websites. Over 100,000 paying customers have used since 2012 and we would love to help you get noticed.

Still not sure? We have successfully promoted videos from Sony, Disney, Universal, Ted Talk, HP, AWS, Monster Energy Drink, Eminem, Young Buck, Gucci Mane, and Katy Perry. Thus, with your videos will get seen and discovered by a lot more fans.

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Whoopro honoured for innovation in influencer marketing



Whoopro, a self-service influencer platform creating value and connecting brands and digital influencers, has received an award for offering smart digital innovation in the influencer marketing space in Ghana.


The Honorary Award for Innovation of the Year was received at the recently-held Pulse Influencer Awards.


Influencer marketing has been a key strategy for brands since the boom of social media. There are over 11 million internet users in Ghana. The continuous growth in the use of the digital space by people has led companies to see the need to reach their target audience through people of influence.


Commenting on the award, Eli Daniel-Wilson, Team Lead at Whoopro said “We are humbled to receive our first-ever award since we officially launched in 2020. It complements our quest to be disruptively innovative in bringing to market the very much needed structure in how influencer marketing is done.”


“We have built a smart solution to ensure both brands and influencers are getting the best value out of their engagement. Whoopro’s unique selling proposition is that it is simple, automated, cost-efficient and self-serving,” added Mr. Daniel-Wilson.


Developed by Global Media Alliance, Whoopro is Ghana’s first digital product providing cutting-edge seamless solutions to address challenges faced by brands and influencers during digital marketing campaigns, using a software application.


Whoopro offers three key solutions – Helping brands to find the right influencers; Allow influencers to know their worth and earn more; and provide real-time tracking, reporting and analytics for both brands and influencers.


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African football fans get access to a ground-breaking multicam feed with Showmax Pro



It’s football weekend and Showmax Pro is going all out, introducing the ultimate viewing experience for fans. This Sunday, 24 October, Showmax Pro subscribers will for the first time have access to the multicam feed: a ground-breaking viewing option that lets fans watch the Spanish super-clash, the highly anticipated El Clasico (Barcelona vs Real Madrid), from multiple angles, while getting all the latest game stats and info. This is in addition to the standard live stream of the match.
This innovative visual experience gives viewers a greater range of options, providing a new experience and a more customised way of enjoying football. The multicam feed consists of four separate feeds on one screen along with the Mediacoach stats and info tool. Available only on Showmax Pro, the feed will also incorporate fresh and breezy commentary appealing to younger audiences.
“We are proud to be the first online streaming service in Africa to introduce the multicam feed for such a highly anticipated game. Fans are constantly looking for ways to enhance their viewing experience and with this cutting-edge technology, viewers can watch football in style, like Pros,” said Barry Dubovsky, Chief Operating Officer for Showmax.
The multicam feed consists of the following screens:
  • Main screen: This screen includes a special form of superfeed that highlights the main special cameras included in the broadcast. The base feed will be the view from the master camera, complemented by views from the rest of the cameras, drone shots, graphics and live stats.
  • Following the ball: Aerial camera combined with detailed shots. These cameras are always focused on the ball and the player in possession, providing a closer image to follow the player’s actions in detail.
  • Around the goal area: This window shows all the action around the goal area where viewers see the very best shots from every attack on goal as well as highlights of each and every intervention from the keepers.
  • Camera on the bench: This feed alternates between shots of the home and visitors’ benches. The viewer will be able to follow the coaches’ instructions, reactions to key moments in the match and also keep a close eye on the subs.
  • Stats window: The four-image feed leaves space at the bottom of the screen for a layer of dynamic graphics and visuals featuring stats from the match.
Meanwhile, Showmax Pro viewers can also look forward to Premier League fixtures this Sunday, where Manchester United will look to redeem themselves as they face Liverpool in the North West derby. Elsewhere in Europe, it’s Derby d’Italia, which pits Inter Milan against Juventus in one of Italy’s grandest football occasions. Closer to home, the action will be no less intense in the DStv Premiership, where second-placed SuperSport United will be looking to continue their unbeaten run against Kaizer Chiefs.
Showmax Pro is a streaming service available for Showmax subscribers in Africa that bundles the existing Showmax entertainment offering with music channels, news and live sports streaming from SuperSport.
Subscribers can live stream the 2021 seasons of the English Premier League, LaLiga, Serie A, UEFA Europa and UEFA Conference leagues, the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifiers and more.
The platform also offers a wide range of other live sports events including athletics, professional boxing, and the world’s biggest marathons.
To learn more and join the Pros, visit to subscribe to Showmax Pro.
Join the conversation on social media by following and interacting on these pages:
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Techstars: Young Nigerian Tech Entrepreneur sets new record in Rwanda



Payday, a Pan-African Fintech startup, founded by Nigerian entrepreneur, Favour Ori has become the first Rwandan company to join the prestigious Techstars Toronto Accelerator program.
Techstars is an operational investment company that assists founders and early-stage entrepreneurs scale their vision into a thriving business, beginning with the Demo Day at the end of the program where selected startups will be able to pitch to a carefully curated group of investors.
The 3-month accelerator program’s goal is to provide entrepreneurs with invaluable skills, resources, and connections to a large pool of global talent and investors.
CEO, Favour Ori said, “Joining Techstars will be a game-changer for us. This is an opportunity to work with and learn from outstanding mentors, as well as to leverage their experience, skills, and network to create a platform where all Africans, regardless of location, can enjoy financial inclusion”
Rwanda represents one of the best turnaround stories the world has seen in a generation. The word that best describes the founders and team behind Payday is “resilient”.
“Moreover, Payday has engineered a financial product that Africans need across the continent, and the recent traction they are seeing makes us believe that this is the start of something massive” says Sunil Sharma, Managing Director of Techstars Toronto.
“We are thrilled to be able to co-invest with some of the best early-stage fintech and e-commerce investors in Africa” says Sharma.
The inclusion of Payday in this program represents an endorsement from one of the world’s most reputable investor communities, emphasizing the potential of the company’s business model and its commitment to developing innovative payment solutions that will simplify how Africans move money around the world.
Techstars has 15 unicorns under its umbrella. Some of the notable ones include; SalesLoft, SendGrid, ZipLine, Chainalysis, and DataRobot, etc. We are sure going to be the NEXT!
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Watching gossip makes playing online a much more enjoyable experience. A good show can certainly improve any immersion. The bitcoin casino scene has exceptional games available for you to play while watching your shows. Crypto casino is a great way to mix gaming, and gossip, as you can watch all your shows, and it will be an enjoyable experience.