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Watch: You can assure your political supporters of your victory in the election, at least do that with facts and figures – Koku Anyidohu to NDC and NPP



Koku Anyidoho, former Deputy General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and now Chief Executive Officer of the Atta Mills Institute, in a video has said political parties have every right to come out publicly to assure their supporters of victory.

He said it is the norm, and legit in every election for political parties to assure their supporters of their victory, if only they are doing so with facts, and not frivolous claims.

In this year’s 2020 election, both the NPP and the NDC have come out in press conferences to assure their supporters they are winning the election. The observation is that, the NPP has projected data to reasons why they believe they are climbing to victory, while the NDC has rebutted the NPP’s claim.

Meanwhile, the media houses are projecting the NPP’s presidential candidate as the one likely to win this election.

Watch video below:


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