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You Need English, French To  Have A Global Reach- Empress Gifty



In today’s interconnected world, language plays a crucial role in communication and expanding one’s reach. Gifty Adorye, also known as Empress Gifty has not long ago opined that to reach the world with one’s work, in her case music, one has to learn English or French, if not both.

Her statement highlights the significance of these two languages in achieving a broader audience and making a lasting impact on a global scale.

Gifty made this known during an appearance on No.1 FM’s Gospel Showbiz programme on Friday, 7 July 2023.


According to the ‘Aseda’ hitmaker, English is her choice, adding that she is not someone who is not haughty to learn if she don’t know something. She noted that, music work has a wide reach emphasizing that “you are not just serving one continent – it’s a global thing.”

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“If it’s global, you need a language that transcends locations and will allow you to express yourself no matter where you are and that is English or French,” she hammered.

Per the gospel singer, since her French is not good, she has decided that  polish the little English she knows .” She  further asserted that age should never be a barrier to going to school or seeking any form of education.


Gifty disclosed that she  is in the habit of asking her daughter, Cee, to help her understand unfamiliar English words and expressions and this, coupled with her humility and desire to learn, is the secret behind her ability to express herself in Ghana’s official language.

“My child Cee is a university graduate and  an entrepreneur. So if I don’t know something, I ask her and she teaches me.”

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