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10 home design ideas to spice up your new home!



Moving into a new home can be quite a chore. Often we are pressed with the need to create spaces that feel a little different from the previous place of abode. All these come within a limited budget and even less time to get it perfectly right!

So we have put together a list of ideas to make moving into your new home a little less stressful, if that is even a possibility! With something as simple as an accent wall, colourful light bulb, or new throw pillow, your entire space can feel fresh, timeless, and refined. You can also click here for how to embrace simple interior concepts design into your lifestyle.

1. Plants

Plants are wonderful additions because they can breathe life and colour into a property and make it feel more like a home. Certain varieties improve air quality and release a subtle, natural scent that beats any artificial air freshener. Plants in you home can purify the air, increase your concentration and productivity, help to relieve stress and anxiety, help to boost your mood in cold weather, and even help you to sleep better.

You can use planter box liner because planter liner material is designed to provide a waterproof membrane. With varying roll widths and thicknesses, the HDPE liner can conform to nearly any project. The HDPE material can withstand both hot and cold temperatures.


2. Mirrors

Having mirrors to your design has a additional benefits apart from the obvious aesthetics.  Good lighting also enhances the colour and beauty of the elements within the room. Mirrors reflect light instead of absorbing it, so they have the ability to make the eye think that the room is brighter and larger, but of course it depends on where the mirrors are placed. Think carefully when positioning the mirror. for instance, when placed next to a lampshade, a mirror will enhance the light in the room. You might also want the mirror to reflect a favourite piece of art that is on the wall across you, when sitting in your sofa! You can also try adding some nautical home decor in your house.

3. Wall art

A long stretch of bare wall is certainly little dull on the eyes. Hang one big piece, put up a few small items in an interesting way, or go all out and make a gallery wall. Wall art matter in most interior design because, it provides an instant color palette, it creates a focal point, it brings a sense of texture, and it makes the room appear finished Ove Decors has some amazing pieces to consider for luxury home ideas. 

4.  Lighting scheme

Overhead lighting is fine, but if it’s your only light source, you could be doing better. Get a table lamp or a floor lamp to get light coming from different heights around your room. Candles are great for romantic mood lighting and can make your room smell phenom.

5. Put down a rug.

Carpets and rugs can give a little more structure to any space. Rugs soften your footfall and adds warmth and texture to the floor. Putting a small rug in your kitchen or in your entryway can make all the difference in your new home.  You can also layer multiple rugs in one space for added pattern and visual appeal.


6. Accessorise

Small decorative items and antiques  are great additions when you have some surface space to play with. They can go  on your mantel, vanity, or bookshelf. It can be fun and beautiful  when you add a few decorative accessories to make a vignette.

7. Pillows

You can change your chairs from being cold to being inviting, simply with the addition of a comfy pillow or two with vibrant 22×22 pillow cover! They can go pretty much anywhere, from the floor to a bench to a sofa to a bed.

8. Slipcovers

Yes, a simple couch slipcover can make a whole lot of difference! You can stretch one over your current sofa and instantly it would look and feel like a brand new couch.  It is easy, functional and very affordable.

9. Decor

Don’t be afraid or hold back when decorating  your new home.  Scattering your room with interesting decor is a fun way to liven up the space. You can create some high energy your room with a velvet accent chair but something as small as an architecturally shaped candle gets the job done,


10.  Entryways

If you don’t have a grand foyer—or you do but it needs some love–introduce a small console table. For a formal yet modern aesthetic, opt for a traditional table and then hang modern abstract art above it. Then lean some portraits against the wall for a laid-back take on the gallery wall.

So there you have it, great tips for moving into that lovely new space you have. You can also click here for 6 other things to consider when moving into a new home.

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