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23-year- old Bernice Nti Ong-Aban garners Masters Degrees in the Netherlands against the odds



Bernice Nti Ong-Aban

23-year-old Ghanaian based in the Netherlands, Bernice Nti Ong-Aban, has successfully obtained a Master’s Degree in International and European Law (LLM).

Her story unlike that of many others is not a mere education stride as it is borne out of years of pain, struggle and turmoil.

Bernice was born into a family of six with parents who are both not educated and are business people struggling tooth and nail far away from home to give the best of life to their children.

Although her parents did not have the best of education, they made it a priority to keep on inculcating in Bernice the need and importance of education.

Her mother who herself has gone through the heat of life always reminded her of the need to be the best wherever she finds herself.

Bernice recollects the words of her mother as “Abena, you know where I came from and my struggle so don’t let me down”.

According to her the business exploits paid off when they opened their Netherland based African cosmetic store named the “African Sky”. This feat Bernice said made her realise the need to always pursue her goal no matter the circumstances.

The young lady went ahead after her high school education to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in International Law at the Hague University of Applied Sciences and graduating with excellence.

Bernice didn’t stop there, at a young tender age of 22 she decided to continue with a Master Career.

Today, she has a Master Degree at the age of 23 and is ready to put the acquired knowledge and skills into practice and would love to contribute to develop and strengthen the relationship with the European Union and Ghana!