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5 Hot Ways to Style Up a Red-Based Outfit



Once upon a time a great designer by the name of Bill Blass said that when you were “in doubt, wear red.” The world was taken by a storm by the little black dress and time and again fashion experts emphasized its importance as a staple of elegance and sophistication. But while the little black dress is indeed a must-have in a woman’s wardrobe, not all women wear black. In fact, one of the trendiest colors du jour is red, no matter if we talk about Pantone’s Fiery Red meant to boost confidence, elevate your mood and turn you into a powerful woman, or the generous shades of red which match any occasion, no matter how formal or casual. If you do love your red clothes and the feeling they give you, let’s see today 5 hot ways to style up a red-based outfit with or without color blocking it.

1. Red White Fairytale Mixes and Matches

Snow White was on to something when she sported a white and red outfit! You can pick a red dress and tone it down with a white scarf, white accessories, and a white cardigan or jacket and so on. You can also mix a red hot business suit with midi skirt and jacket over a crisp white shirt. If you are more into casual trendy looks, red skinny jeans and a white T-shirt paired with classic white sneakers is the way to go to parties, casual night outs with friends or comfy dates with your loved one.

2. The Timeless Retro Red

There are few things to speak better of your taste in fashion than retro dresses and polka dots, paired with classic red soles black stiletto shoes. This is a timeless, evergreen look that can turn you into the queen of the ball, no matter if you go dancing with the girls or dating. A red dress with white polka dots also makes room for white pearls accessories, white or red shoes and… a black cape with a white silky lining for those fancy parties you attend.

3. High End Sophistication with Pearls

Red outfits and refined jewelry has been a classic combo since the dawn of time. You can mix a red evening gown with pearls (black long pearl necklaces, white pearl studs, multi-strand bracelets, chokers or drop earrings, you name it!) and look fabulous without wearing any other accessories or pieces of jewelry. You can transfer this combination to business or casual outfits as well: a red suit gets styled up by a black pearl jewelry set, while a casual summer dress turns magically into a romantic outfit with a few white pearls pieces.

4. Young Urban Casual Style

When it comes to red, we all know it can’t be only limited to cocktail dresses, evening gowns, power suits and laidback outfits. Red is forever fashionable and can be sported as a monochrome outfit or it can be a part of something bigger and more intense. If you have a red tank top or tee and want to rock summer urban outings, you can match it with white trousers and tone it up with cool accessories such as hats, oversized black sunglasses, and stacked colorful bracelets, colored summer sandals and so on. Red matches a myriad of colors and hues and it would be a shame not to allow it to shine as bright as it can.

5. Black Accessories

Red and black represent a match made in Heaven and all fashion specialists and stylists recommend this combo for a classic, chic look – and for those days when you have no clue what to wear anymore. The combination can save you time and dress-up efforts and will always look fresh and daring if you mix the correct elements. You can take a monochrome dress and style it up with a black fancy clutch and black pumps and make it through any cocktail party, formal dinner, benefit ball and casual outing with flying colors. When it comes to accessories, think beyond jewelry (as we talked about pearls already) and focus on purses, shoes, belts, scarves, gloves and so on. There are a few ladylike fashion trends that never go out of style and red plus black is one of them. Next time you stumble upon a red piece of clothing don’t let it go! There are countless ways for you to wear red, no matter your age and personal style and you can look like a Hollywood diva at all times, with little effort but breathtaking results! Image sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5  ]]>

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