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5 Office Storage Ideas To Inspire Creativity



Whether you have an office or you work from home, having an organized, clean, and aesthetically-pleasing workspace contributes to the results that you’re going to deliver. For creatives, it’s always a journey to concentrate on a task when the working space is drab and unorganized. It’s not only distracting, but it’s also annoying at the same time! 


In this article, we’ve collated the best office storage ideas to inspire creativity. There’s nothing more satisfying than a tidy, chic, and overall great-looking space. Whether you have the best view of the office or dingy corner that does not look like it’ll be somewhere good to work at, transforming it into space where your creativity will thrive is easy with these five tricks:

Invest in small storage just for your desktop

A small storage space beside the place where you put your laptop or at least on top of it can save you time from looking around trying to find the right cabinet where you put a specific item. This is especially helpful when you always print something. Whether it’s magazine folds or write-ups and other notes in pdfs, having a small storage space will make your life easier.


Get plastic storage baskets if you don’t have one yet. Or repurpose an old one that may or may not be lying around somewhere. A lock box is also a great alternative for this. Since this particular storage space will be seen and in the open, you need to invest in something stylish, or particularly stylistic. You can even choose those quirky ones with patterns and prints to add personality. 

Create a divider

When you store so many files and need to have them around at any given day of the year, a great way to spice things up is to store them in open shelves that double as dividers. If you have a home office, integrate your storage space with the walls and shelves already installed in the space. Industrial post steel wire shelving is particularly trendy right now, so you may want to look into that.

Bespoke and open shelving

In this day and age, almost everything is possible, with more and more small businesses having the avenue to be profitable and deliver specific services. One of these services is the ability to design the storage space you have in mind that perfectly aligns with your needs. A quick search on the Internet will yield thousands of results, and you can narrow these down to those closest to you.


What’s great about bespoke shelving is that you can decide for yourself what are the necessary things to have on your shelving. Do you need a specific paper holder in conjunction with the good-old storage boxes? Do you want to have a vertical system where you can line up files depending on their titles and category? With bespoke shelving, the possibilities are endless. Plus, the look and finish of the piece will be entirely up to you.

Box it up

The most straightforward of them all, boxes help you in keeping a multitude of papers and documents that need to be filed for safekeeping. You can put almost anything in paper boxes. Pro tip: get boxes in the same size. This way, when you stack them up or put them somewhere, it won’t look like they’re sad, forgotten pieces of office supplies. If you want more ideas to store your office supplies, then you should check out this storage ideas article that will surely help you with decluttering.

Glass jars

Not many will agree that glass jars are great office storage ideas. But hear us out – if you’re tired of seeing rows and rows of documents stacked on top of each other and you need something to break the dreaded file section of the office, a glass jar is a way to go. Glass jars are not only great storage space, they’re also a quirky addition to your office!


Put pens, business cards, paper clips, and other small minuscule office items in the glass jar and see how it will instantly transform your space. If you have open shelves for storage, the better the effect will be when these glass jars are put up! Choose jars of different heights for aesthetics.


Creating a space where you’re constantly inspired is a never-ending quest of mixing and matching whatever it is that tickles your fancy at any given time. The power of organizing is too tremendous to deny. When you’re organizing, your brain goes into some kind of trance. And after, your dopamine levels increase.