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Atumpan reloads ‘The Thing’ in the UK



Atumpan, who captured the hearts of both the young and old in Africa with his hit song, ‘The Thing’ is set to release the reloaded version of the ‘The Thing’ after the demand for the song by fans tripled outside Ghana. The pop version of the song as titled “The Thing Reloaded” features another rising star Cabum from Kumasi, who recently also featured on Lousika’s hit single, ‘Hands Up’. Atumpan will release an Afro beat version of ‘The Thing’ in London, UK on July 14 at Somersethouse. The event, proudly organized by DJ Abrantee, is set to thrill the audience to a night of afrobeats.  The UK fan base went particularly wild with ‘The Thing’ when Manchester United defender, Rio Ferdinand tweeted that it was his song of the day.]]>

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