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What Is Being Beautiful: Natural and Invented Beauty



Beauty has always been appreciated, but beauty standards have been changing constantly. Which disadvantages does beauty bring, if any? Read the article.

What is Being Beautiful?

Are you beautiful? Have you ever thought what it means? Does beauty mean being slim or rather plump? Does it mean carrying your hair short or long? And what about your face, clothes and those many things that create impression on other people? Do you know what impression your appearance creates and on what it depends? Being beautiful was so different in different epochs. Even now, just compare the beauty standards in your country and, for example, some African tribes. Doesn’t matter what beauty means in your surrounding, but you cannot argue that beauty industry has existed since people got time for something else but getting daily food.Top essay writing services reviews give some standards that are accepted by more or less all people, in practically all cultures, like:

  • Smooth skin without imperfections
  • Shiny healthy hair
  • Symmetrical facial features
  • Bright eyes

However, all these examples are rather the indicators of good health which has always been appreciated. As you can see, there are no subjective factors there, like, for example, eyes or hair color, face shape, and so on. Hence, beauty is still not an objective phenomenon, but a very personal, or, rather, cultural one. The main idea behind a wish to be beautiful has rather psychological sense than any other one. You believe that being beautiful means being accepted by people, being loved and appreciated. Though life is a strange thing, and people are strange creatures.

Does Beauty Mean Automatic Acceptance?

You cannot argue that ugly people aren’t welcomed anywhere. One thing is when the person has a common appearance. But a completely different thing is if a person has some visible defects that distinguish him from the crowd. Such people have never been accepted. No epoch, no culture wanted those who are different. Different means ugly in our context. But does it automatically mean that beautiful people, whatever we can call beautiful, are always accepted and appreciated? Do beautiful people suffer and feel themselves like strangers? How many cases are there when the most beautiful people were the unhappiest ones. And if you’re someone who uses makeup to make yourself feel beautiful, be sure to get the best lighting for applying makeup.

Beautiful People Have Fewer Chances to Go to a Date

You definitely had an experience when you are looking at the person, or his or her photo, and you are telling yourself that you will not even try. The person is too beautiful, she will not even pay attention to a guy like you. And as a result, you never try. How many do people usually take the same approach and behave like you? They are the majority. Here, we can just feel sorry for that poor beautiful person.


Healthcare Plan – If You Are Beautiful, You Are Healthy

Just think: if you hear about a person who has a health problem, how would you imagine that person? In most cases, you would imagine pale skin, wrinkles, tired eyes, bad hair, and nails. You will not even think that this or that beautiful looking lady can have, say, cancer, or any other serious condition. Nobody would think so. As a result, getting a good healthcare plan is more complicated for a beautiful person than getting the same healthcare plan for somebody who looks not beautifully. Again, a beautiful person suffers. However, on the other side, beautiful people are usually healthier. A sick person normally doesn’t have smooth shining skin or shiny hair. Will a person that is suffering from an illness have shining clear eyes? Once more, as you can see, beauty isn’t complexion or hair color, but natural healthy look.

Beauty Is Demanding

A Beautiful person is constantly under stress. Society and even the closest surrounding are imposing some requirements and standards, and if you want to comply, you should make efforts. If you are too concentrated on being appropriate, you may be overstressed and feel too much anxiety. That wouldn’t make your life happier. Moreover, what do you think of envy? Beautiful people are usually those who suffer from envy of their surrounding, even the closest surrounding. That adds to everyday stress and can even lead to psychological problems.

Being Beautiful is Still Wonderful

If you had a choice: being beautiful and suffer from all those disadvantages or being a common person and live a common calm life, what would you select? Most people prefer beauty to being common. There are some reasons for that, and appreciation is not at the last place. Beautiful people are usually more intelligent as well, so, getting a job is simpler for them.


Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. When people speak about real beauty, in most cases, they mean indicators of natural health. All the rest, like foot size, neck length, eyes or hair color, complexion and many other features, that were or are valuable in different parts of the world, are determined by history and personal preferences. Checkout more on

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