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Big Brother Stargame Update: DBK takes a shot at Goldie



In their respective Diary Sessions on Wednesday, the Starmates were not afraid to name and shame the Housemates they feel are too abrasive for their liking. Prezzo naturally pin-pointed Barbz as a bit of a problem. “Her G-string was on a little too tight before, but now she’s loosened up a bit”, he said, not really giving away whether he meant that figuratively or literally. It is not surprising to hear these sentiments from Prezzo. He and Barbz had a dramatic blow up last night. DKB took a shot at Goldie, who he compared to a mum beating a child’s back. “She get’s under your skin and your spine”, he said. Not to be outdone, Mampi laid into Barbz for being bossy and acting like the “mommy of the house”. Lady May also took offence to Barbz bossy streak. Goldie highlighted Roki as the guy that is constantly in everyone’s face. No surprises there! Goldie also had a dramatic tiff with the Zimbabwean Housemate earlier in the day. Roki, on the other hand, told Big Brother that Goldie “overworks”, while Barbz “underworks”. – By SereNgeti]]>

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