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Chemphe rocks Hong Kong for YMCA

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Chemphe rocks Hong Kong for YMCA

It is an undisputed fact that Ghanaian music and musicians are one of the best on the continent though for several reasons and circumstances  yet to be known, our musicians are struggling to have a  breakthrough even on the African  continent, more so, to hit the world as a whole.

This trend however seem to be on its way to end as one of Ghana’s smooth singers, Chemphe made a remarkable presence when he put up a mind blowing and splendid performance at five separate shows in Hong Kong to an audience of about of about thirty thousand people made up of participants of the World Summit of YMCAs  from different countries and music lovers from Hong Kong, China and neighboring countries.

Chemphe was the African artiste chanced upon when the World Alliance of YMCA’s, an international organization scouted for an African music act to represent Africa at the World Summit of YMCAs in Hong Kong which came to a successful end some few days ago.

After his first amazing performance at the opening of the world youth gathering, he won the admiration of every one at the concert, he ended up performing at two other shows though he was billed to perform at only three shows in Hong Kong.

Chemphe managed to over shadow the other artistes from Asia, Australia and Southern America by his total control and confidence on stage, performing to some of his hits such as “one people”, “heart of a winner” and the globally acclaimed song “from subject to citizen(s2c)” which became an earworm and the global anthem for the youth around the world.

Chemphe’s involvement in the summit was not only limited to musical performances, he spearheaded an intergenerational dialogue and a peace building workshop with numerous participants at the summit which clearly indicates that the artiste is not only passionate about music but passionate and knowledgeable about world issues..

According to Chemphe, it was an amazing time for him to see the world sing songs that he wrote in the corner of his room. He claims, his effort in doing global music which he calls “urban life” has not in vain but about to climb the height he has always seen his mind’s eyeball. In his own words, “when writing songs, i think of everyone in the world, thats why i keep blending  all the perfect genres of music to make it accessible by all.

Chemphe is currently back home working on the shooting of his new videos for his yet to be released music DVD and also working on his current album. His two new hits “Charley Challey (Its Like Hell on Earth)” and “Can I be?” are currently enjoying loads of airplay which gives the indication that his next album will surely be a big deal.

Chemphe will be doing collaboration with Juwita Sowito from Malaysia, Julliani from Kenya, Loyiso from South Africa and a very known American artiste in no time so his fans should watch out. Some of the collaborations will end up on his yet to be released album.

He has been booked to perform in Kenya ,Mexico, Brazil, Vietnam, Shrilanka , America and Canada by the end of the year as his performance in Hong Kong caught the massive attention of the representatives from these countries present at the summit.

Ameyaw Kissi Debrah, known professionally as Ameyaw Debrah, is a Ghanaian celebrity blogger, freelance journalist, and reporter.

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