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Barclays Bank urges the public to desist from unauthorized use of their logo



Following the viral video of Kwadwo Nkansah, professionally known as Lil Win singing “Attaa Adwoa” with the Absa logo. Barclays has distanced itself from the video and asked the public to desist from unauthorized use of its logo.

The “Atta Adwoa” singer took to his twitter  handle to express his displeasure about the video posted by Lil Win with the Absa logo without his consent,

Barclays Bank issued a statement disassociating the company from the viral video, “Our attention has been drawn to a music video with the song “Attaa Adwoa” circulating on social media with the Absa logo. We wish to distance ourselves from the said video and to state that neither Absa nor Barclays has commissioned anyone to produce of use our logo for such a production. We have further instructed them to desist from the use of the Absa logo as well as further sharing of the said video.”

“Our commitment to our customers and Ghana remains stronger than ever. We will continue in our role as a bank to connect the ambitions of our customers, communities and Ghanaians with financial resources, services and opportunities in innovative ways to bring their possibilities in life,” it added.


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