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Listen UP: DJ Moza presents ‘House Full Of Tech’ EP



In the midst of all the chaos, from COVID-19 to police brutality, DJ MOZA continues to create music. His newly released 3 song EP titled “House Full Of Tech” is jam packed with jams!

The EP is a sub-genre of electronic music called Tech-house which is a hybrid of Techno and House music. Upon the release of his EP, DJ MOZA made a post on Instagram saying “Techno and House was first made by African-Americans in Chicago and Detroit in the 1980s. Black music has lifted me up when I felt down. It was there for me through the tears, smiles, pain and joy. It gave me knowledge, confidence and helped me get through my day. African-Americans not only made Techno and House but also Rock, Disco, Jazz, Soul, RNB, Funk and many other genres. As a DJ and a Record Producer I Don’t Think my career is thanks to African-Americans, I KNOW that it is. I love you all and hope all you Beautiful people stay safe during these difficult times. I hope my EP will raise awareness and spirits. Much love and more peace.”

DJ MOZA has continued to show support for the black community regarding police brutality and many other injustices that take place worldwide on a daily basis.

Stream or download ‘House Full Of Tech’ here: