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Drill Meets Hustle, Nubian Stunnaz On Grind Harder



The Ghanaian music ecosystem is about to experience a revamp in the Music Group sector. Nubian Stunnaz music duo is preparing to cause a stir in the music scene with their incoming single, Grind Harder.


For awhile now, groups in the Ghanaian music scene have been a handful and not taking charge as they were some years back. Nubian Stunnaz with their incoming release, Grind Harder, will not just encourage the youth to hustle hard and get about their business, it also seems to be a personal motivation for the group, energizing them to get up on the music grind with vim and vigor.



Grind harder, is a hard drill tune that gives room for the two Hiplife/ Hippop artists to express their creativity ingenuity. They did not hesitate to show their unquenchable thirst on their incoming banger. The performance of Nubian Stunnaz on Grind Harder gives listeners the perfect combination of rap, drill and good composition.


Nubian Stunnaz commented that: “Grind Harder is a project we did, not just for Ghanaians, but for ourselves. In as much as we want to encourage people to go about their hustle and stay on their grind, it’s also for us to stay on our grind as Musicians to continually serve our listeners with good music.”



Expressing their excitement for the project, they added that: “We are thrilled about this project and we hope Ghanaians have one more room for a dope music duo. Grind Harder is dropping soon and we will appreciate it if Ghanaians stream it hard.”


Hopefully, Nubian Stunnaz win some hearts of good music lovers who tilt towards music groups in Ghana and around the world with their incoming banger, Grind Harder.

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