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Fred Nuamah responds to divorce rumours



Fred Nuamah, who has arrived in France for the 2019 Cannes Film Festival, has responded to rumours that his recent marriage to Marterkor has collapsed.

Fred Nuamah responds to divorce rumours
Fred Nuamah responds to divorce rumours

He sent a subtle message on Instagram, suggesting that those who wish him evil will not have their way.

He wrote: “Have u EVER seen ANY man who strives diligently to bring another man down…. succeed successful in life? (NO) Enemies of progress are monitoring, evil, and jealous spirits that works through weak people who feels intimidated by people who are striving to make ends meet.

“Anyway, At times it may seems like it’s taking too long to see that wonder and breakthrough from God. But NOTHING in life is more rewarding and joyful than a patient man who wait patiently knowing that faith is the substance of things hope for, but the evidence of things not seen….while waiting to eat the fruit of his labor in joy and happiness. #toGodbetheglory

Meanwhile Fred’s wife, Marterkor has removed all photos with Fred from her Instagram page.



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