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Gavi Omar – Long Time Coming ( A Tribute to Victims of Police Brutality )



Gavi Omar has re-released ‘Long Time Coming’ (Luke Cage), a tribute to victims of police brutality.

He  wrote this song when Eric Garner a man from Staten Island, New York City was murdered by a police officer in 2014.

“As I watched the video of the maGavi Omar – Long Time Coming n begging for his life in broad day light while getting chocked to death my stomach turns as I think to myself all this excessive force because of the colour of his skin?

“Since the Rodney King incident in 1991 there has been countless of police killings and brutality specifically towards ‘black’ people fast forward to 2020 the George Floyd incident, who also got murdered with similar police tactics in broad day light, while he begs for his mother, reciting the same phrase as Eric Garner (I can’t breath),” Gavi Omar shares his inspiration for ‘Long Time Coming’.


“As a fellow African I understand the confusion of not knowing why, a person would purposely treat you poorly due to the fact that you have melanin in your skin pigmentation, through my traveling and journey of life I believe (why) is the most popular question asked by ‘black’ people, I dislike calling us ‘black’ people cause I truly believe a man/woman shouldn’t be classified based on the colour of their skin but of their heritage, language and culture.

“Please children of Africa I beg you to educate yourself, liberate yourself from mental slavery, I pray a time a will come we will all share a common language that wasn’t imposed on us, our own African language, I believe this will help unite us and create a better bond,” calls out Gavi Omar.

IG: Gavi Omar
Twitter @iamgaviomar
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