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Guest Blog: Stand out and be a pillar



In the article, “Value Your Pain”, I talked about how to go through the hard times we encounter in our lives with a joyful appreciation as it leads to many of our successes someday. Today’s article talks about putting the smile on someone’s face by making them share in your success even though you endured your pain alone. You won’t be noticed now because it is not your turn. You will be discouraged to quit because the seed hasn’t sprouted yet. You will be turned down because they feel, “After all what will be my benefit now?” Whatever you are doing might not be accepted. If you could put yourself together, bath the cold water and in the cold season, make good use of your little resources, then you will stand out and will be the pillar of many. Go out there, shine and be the reason people smile” Joesph suffered only; he was accused only, he went to the prisons alone. In fact, he was the only person who faced and felt his pain.   David was the only one who understood his rejection.   Oprah was the only one who felt her sexual abuse and her pain of loosing her child.   When it comes to pain or when the stormy times in your life lift themselves; you know your pain, you go through and you decide whether to give up in those time or will stand out to make a difference. All the people I have spoken to about later on became the pillar in the lives of many.   When God helped them to their destination, they didn’t enjoy their success alone but this time, they had people joining for the celebration. They became a pillar in the lives of many.   Talking about Joesph; He became a minister and didn’t keep it to himself. Even his family who sold him out benefited from his success. David become a king not to his self but the entire town. Oprah is one of the successful people worldwide now and you can imagine the number of people she might have helped and still helping.   Looking back at their painful times; they felt it only, they knew their pain yet it did not stop there. They were itching to come out upon all the hard times to be the pillar in the lives of many. I just don’t know your pain.   I don’t know what you are go through that makes you feel you should just be an ordinary person and keep yourself together. No! You need to come out, stand out and prove to the storm that you are stronger than it may be. Somebody out there somewhere is waiting for you to show up and be the pillar in their life. You need to go through difficult times but that shouldn’t​ break you.   That shouldn’t be an excuse of living a life to yourself.   Remember, when God wants to help someone He mostly does that through someone else. Therefore it is believed​ that, anyone on earth is a helper to someone. What will your beneficiaries do if you live a life of yourself because of the hard times you couldn’t overcome? Stand out and be a go-getter.   You will have to come to an understanding that, pain is part of life, just as death is. Accept it that way and make a change. Be a pillar with your success. Work for people to come to your aid for assistance. Work for success to drag people to your presence. Maybe today, you aren’t recognized and appreciated because you might be in your stormy times but if you will put yourself together and lift your head towards success, you will make it come to past.   You won’t need to send someone to tell the organizers you are around. The sound of your step by the feet will send the signal.   “We have known through painful experiences that freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor, it must be demanded by the oppressed.” Remind yourself today that, there is a company of people waiting for you somewhere, and you need to stand out and come out. Enjoy the pain alone but be willing to share your success. That’s what is called life and made life.   Martin Luther once said: “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”   Make your pain a motivation, Stand out, come out and be the pillar.   #Getinspired #Getmotivated #Lifekeepscomingback   Read more on   Writer: AnnieJoy  ]]>


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