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How Not To Be Afraid To Place A Bet And Overcome Greed




As we have already found out, discipline is one of the most important components in the field of betting. With what attitude the player approaches this activity, this will be the result, nothing else. 

Stop Being Afraid of Betting Now

In sports betting with Betwinner Ghana, there is a simple pattern — the closest to victory is the athlete who is better prepared for confrontation from the psychological side. You need to develop your own concept of strategy and be ready for any turns.

Betting is a serious business

It must be approached accordingly. First of all, the player needs to learn how to properly distribute his bankroll and clearly follow the principles of money management. In order to actively bet and not be on the verge of collapse after a series of failures, you need to choose the optimal percentage from the bank for making a deal. As a rule, this indicator should vary from 1 to 5 percent. 

You also need to find the right psychological approach to the betting activity itself. It is a mistake to hope for the passage of a particular transaction — the bettor must be ready to lose in advance. They should count on making a profit only on the basis of a certain playing distance. 


Let’s say you can allocate a game interval for yourself, which will be equal to one day. As a result of this interval, you can see how much the bank has changed. If there is a tendency for it to decrease over the course of several periods, then you need to be ready for any changes and adjustments in your game strategy.

The main enemy is greed. 

Of course, we are not talking about healthy greed and excitement, which are inherent in absolutely every person. The main psychological mistake of a person is the idea that betting can quickly fix a person’s financial difficulties or bring some unprecedented profit. 

The constant desire to win back the previously lost deal drives a person into a dead corner, from which it is very difficult psychologically to get out. Moreover, this feeling causes excitement, and in the aggregate, it will turn into a complete collapse for the player. The main thing is control.

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Develop psychology through your positive results

It is difficult to cultivate a winner in yourself if the player is haunted by regular losses. But the deal becomes unprofitable from thoughtless actions. It is important to fully analyze the confrontation and to be aware of all the news. The bettor may be lucky, or maybe not. But for every negative result, you need to be prepared both psychologically and financially. Then there will be no fear to make deals with the bookmaker, the player will be completely confident in his abilities.

Choice of strategy: How to choose the right event and outcome for it

Experienced players and some profile psychologists say that discipline is one of the most important aspects of betting success. Do you think why about 85 percent of people do not win, but endlessly bring money to bookmakers? Because they do not have developed self-discipline and they are not psychologically ready to plunge into such a complex and insidious activity.

As you know, to become a professional player, you need to have the right knowledge in this area. You need to know financial and gaming strategies, be able to understand the course of the game of each team, know the detailed information about each confrontation. 

All this can be called one expression — fundamental analysis. However, no matter how smart and educated a player is, if he does not pay attention to his psychological mood, he will suddenly cease to control his actions and emotions, which entails large losses. Almost every bettor faces the task of beating the bookmaker. But if you are psychologically weak, then the chance of losing the entire pot is very high.


You must discard all doubts — if your choice fell on this or that strategy, then you should not doubt your actions for a second. Do not change the methods of play you have chosen. Thus, we have deduced the first rule of successful betting: in order to bet, you need to think over your game strategy to the smallest detail in terms of mathematical calculations and analysis of statistical indicators. If the player has not developed a plan of action for himself, he should refuse to bet.

To develop a plan of action, you need to choose a sport that you will most like and that you all know about. The main task of the bookmaker is to lure the player and force them to bet on everything. Even at Christmas, you can meet a basketball confrontation in a line or live, in which not the most qualified players take part. 

Psychology when betting live

Many professionals have gone through this. Over time, the player learns to make decisions faster, as the statistics of players, teams, and other factors are in the head. You always need to think before making a deal with a bookmaker, about 60% of live quotes are simply thrown aside and expect the most profitable bet. The ability to suppress emotions and excitement is the key to success in this activity.


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