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How to Beat Casino Slots

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How to Beat Casino Slots

Slots at 666 Casino are games of chance. Its results are determined by Random Number Generators, which means that there is not really anything you can do (skills wise) to beat the machines. Your best bet would be to figure out which machines offer better odds.

Choose Slots with Higher Payouts

In order to win at slots, you need to find the slots that tend to pay out more than others. This does not necessarily just refer to jackpots, but also to how frequently these slots pay out through platforms such as sbobet88.

For this tip, it is important that you know what the Return to Player percentage of a particular slot is. Simply put, it refers to how much of a players total wagers are paid back to them. So for example, if you were you deposited a total bet of $100 dollars over a period of time on qqturbo and the slot you are playing at has an RTP of 96%, then you would win back$96.

So before you play any slot, do a little research and find out what its RTP is. A quick Google should give you all the information you need.

Tip: Stick to slots with an RTP of 90% or higher example, 100 with no deposit is ideal. 

Determine a Slot’s Volatility

Basically the volatility (also referred to as the variance) of a slot refers to its level of risk. It measures how much risk is involved when playing a slot for real money. Slots with low volatility are slots that pay out more frequently; however, they also tend to pay out less. High volatility slots offer much bigger payouts, but pay out rarely. High volatility slots might be riskier, but patience is a virtue. However, if you prefer smaller and more frequent payouts, go for it.

Once again, this information can be found by doing some quick research. You can also use free spins to see for yourself.

Place Bigger Bets

This is especially true for progressive slot machines. How much you bet determines how big your payout will be. If you bet the minimum while playing a progressive slot and you win the jackpot, you will only receive a portion of that jackpot. However, if you place the maximum bet, you could walk away with it all. However, this in no way means that you will win the jackpot. No outside factor can guarantee a win at slots.

Use Free Spins

There is no better way to test a slot, and possibly win, than taking advantage of free spins. These spins can come in the form of sign-up bonuses or an in-game bonus feature. So look at slots free spins bonuses before you play as it could significantly improve your odds of winning.

However, be careful with sign-up bonuses. All sign-up bonuses come with wagering requirements. Read them carefully to make sure that that bonus is worth it.


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