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How to Connect Wi-Fi Extender to Smart TV?



There are many smart TVs on the market these days, but if you live in a larger home with many rooms and lots of walls, chances are that your smart TV may not be able to get a Wi-Fi signal from the router. If this sounds like your problem, then read on for some tips and tricks to help you connect smart TVs to Wi-Fi extenders.

With smart TVs becoming more and more popular, it is important to keep them connected. It can be a pain when you’re trying to connect your smart TV and there’s no Wi-Fi or the connection isn’t strong enough for streaming purposes. Luckily, we have found some easy solutions that will help you get started with connecting smart TVs!

Why do you need an extender in the first place?

First things first, smart TVs are not always smart enough to connect on their own. If your smart TV is unable to get a connection from the router, you will need an extender in order for it works properly and allows streaming such as Netflix or Hulu.


There are many reasons why smart TVs can’t get strong connections like laptops and smartphones:

  • Walls made of concrete make Wi-Fi signals weak;
  • You may be too far away from the router;
  • Your smart TV was cheap and doesn’t have good hardware that allows it to pick up stronger signals;

These are the reasons why you should proceed to smart TV extender options and smart tv routers.

Step 0: Start it simply

The first thing that we would recommend is simply moving the smart TV closer to the Wi-Fi router or adding a wireless access point (WAP) near it for better signal reception. It doesn’t always work since walls made of concrete do block signals from penetrating through them but if there’s no other way around it; this may be your only option. If you’re not willing to move smart TVs away from the wall or place WAPs by their side, then proceed with the next steps.

Step 1: Identify areas where there is no Wi-Fi coverage 


The smart TV may be able to connect to Wi-Fi in another room, but not in the area you want it. The first thing is first: identify these areas by going around your home with a laptop or mobile device and checking where there’s no access point showing up on their wireless connections list. You can use smart TVs such as Panasonic Viera, LG smart TVs, and Sony smart TVs for this purpose.

If you aren’t getting any results from one of those smart TVs, then try using your smartphone instead (if that works well too). Once you have identified these “dead spots” in your house which are away from router coverage – move onto step two below!

Step 2: Connecting wi-fi smart TV to an extender

Once you have identified the dead spots in your house where there is no coverage, it’s time to connect them up to a wi-fi smart TV extender. You can do this by plugging into power and then connecting wirelessly from smart TVs that are close enough for better connection – e.g., if smart TVs are far apart but still within range of one another, just use an extender on smart TVs that are closer together first before using the same setup elsewhere!


If needed, try moving around whenever necessary until you get optimal results. Your best bet would be NewerTech Mini N150 Wi-Fi Extenders which come with both antennas built right in so they work great even in larger smart TVs which are further away from the router.

Step 3: Connecting a smart TV to an extender wirelessly 

The final step is simply plugging in your smart TV(s) into a wi-fi smart tv extender on the wall, and then running through its automatic setup process on all smart TVs you are trying to connect. If this sounds like too much trouble for you, there’s also another option of using Ethernet cable – just run them between smart TVs that need better signal!

Bonus Step: Not All Wi-Fi Extenders are Equal 


Some smart TVs may not work as well with certain range extenders – so you have the option of trying different ones until you find one which works best. If needed, try asking an expert or friend for help if all else fails.

We hope this article will be helpful in getting started with connecting smart TVs to a wi-fi smart tv extender system via wireless connection!