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How to find the right adult store for you



How to find the right adult store for you

Adult stores can be hard to navigate. There are so many adult stores around both online and in person. Chances are you have definitely considered going to an adult store once or twice in your life. While local adult stores are amazing, adult stores online can also be amazing and have even more versatility and availability. Either way, you are sure to find the sex toy that is best for you.

Adult stores online can take the stigma away from shopping for a sex toy. The great thing about physical adult stores is being able to go in and browse at your leisure, however, many find them embarrassing to even go in to! You may have better luck with online adult stores because no one knows where you are ordering from and what it is. Adult stores in person make selection faster and give immediate satisfaction. Below we have a list of pros and cons for both options!

Benefits of shopping adult stores in person:

  • One major benefit is a large selection of toys, lubricants, and accessories.
  • You’re able to have your purchase instantly, so it’s great for the same evening usage.
  • Physical stores have associates who can help guide you to making the right purchase for you.
  • You can easily tell the size of the toy and whether it will work for you and your needs, negating the accident of buying something that is too big or not the right functionality.

Cons of shopping in store:

  • Embarrassment from being seen in the store.
  • Being pressured by pushy sales associates to buy something.
  • Not being able to use coupons or get cash back.
  • Too many options that may overwhelm you.

Benefits of shopping adult stores online:

  • Availability of coupons and cash back through rewards programs.
  • Wide selection of toys that are categorized.
  • Many different brands, or one singular brand you trust.
  • Reviews on toys are easily accessible online.
  • Discreet shipping so that no one knows what you ordered.
  • Great return policies and warranties.

Cons of shopping online:

  • Not being able to hold the toy to get a feel for the size,  especially when it comes to dildo shopping online.
  • Not being able to ask for personalized assistance.
  • Not having your purchase immediately available to you.

As you can see, both options have amazing benefits, but also both have cons. It’s up to you whether you would rather wait for delivery, or have your product in hand immediately. We find that online shopping is more comfortable as you can do it in the privacy of your home with nothing to worry about! No awkwardness persists, and you can take as much time as you like. However, if you are a visual person who likes to see things in person, then it may be a better choice to go ahead and go to the store, regardless of embarrassment that you may feel. We promise, no one is judging you! All of that is in your head and easy to overcome.

How can I find a reliable adult store online?


You can research adult stores easily by looking at their social media accounts, and their TrustPilot reviews! Look in to return policies and replacements, as well as warranty options. Many in person adult stores also have websites, which can be helpful if you like a particular store but feel uncomfortable going in. One of the best women-led sex toy, adult shop that we highly recommend is V For Vibes. Check them out!

However, if you really want to go in person, there are ways to make it easier. Try going a town or two over! This way you avoid potentially running into someone you know. This also means you won’t have to worry about someone seeing your car – we all know how nosey our neighbors are. However, even if they do see you, there is nothing to be ashamed of!

Online shopping for these things is easier in our opinion, but we understand that many people are visual shoppers. Either way, adult stores are nothing to be afraid of anymore! The stigmas have been removed, and most people are very understanding of people fulfilling their wants and needs. Adult stores make it easier to fulfill your every desire and are nothing to be ashamed of at all, Either way, there are options for whatever your preference is.

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