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I Make More Money than some Celebs who make noise on Social Media- Caroline Samson



caroline_sampson caroline_sampson[/caption] Radio Presenter, Caroline Samson, has said in an interview with Zionfelix that she she does not need to be “loud” on social media to get paid. According to her, she makes a lot of money even though she stays out of controversy on social media. Caroline  added that despite staying out of controversies on social media, she still lands  gigs from top businesses in the country for a good amount of money. “…Sometimes I wonder if it is true that if you don’t make noise, you don’t get paid because I don’t make noise on social media but I get paid a lot, like unbelievable…” she stated. She was quick to add that she does not believe most of her colleagues who make noise on social media really make the cash they boast about.  ]]>