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INTERVIEW: Goldkay talks new music ‘Party’, being a personal trainer, chef & more



We talk to the buzzing award-winning UK-based Ghanaian Afrobeat singer about his new single ‘Party’ and a few more about him.

Goldkay has been making waves both the UK and in his native country, Ghana, gaining fans across the globe along the way with his unique spin on Afrobeat sounds – coining his own style Afrovibe.


  1. Who is Goldkay?

Goldkay “Nana Kay Agyekum” is a singer-songwriter born in Ghana and raised in London (UK). He holds a Master’s Degree in International Business Practices achieved in New York (USA) and formally a Data Analyst for one of the worlds leading wealth management and investment banks, UBS.


  1. Tell us about your new song?

‘Party’ came about whilst on holiday with the man dem. Chilling and reflecting on each others’ lives and achievements, catching up whilst having a good time.


  1. Comparing your new music to your already released songs, it is pretty clear your direction in the sound of your music has changed. Tell us what influenced this decision?

I guess over time you evolve as an artist and before I guess I would say I was testing the waters to see where I felt most comfortable. Growing up listening to Highlife, Hiplife, Gospel, R&B and Dancehall, this has developed the current sound allowing me to create what I like to call Afrovibe music.


  1. If you are being 100 with yourself, how will you say your music is faring in the UK and in Ghana?

I would say that things are picking up. Slowly gathering momentum and enjoying every day of this journey.


  1. How has music been a coping mechanism for you during these times?

Music allows me to zone out in different moods depending on how I’m feeling. More so it gives me room to express, vent and tell my story in a way that people will relate.


  1. Aside making music, we gathered you are a personal fitness trainer and a chef. How did it all start?

After a few life events I decided that I would take my fitness and health seriously. Formerly, 19 Stone I decided that I wasn’t comfortable with the way I looked and decided to do something about it. Decided that the athletic look was the one for me and switched up my diet, along with help from my former coach and PT, Bernard (Burn-Hard). I reached my health goals and gain a lot of knowledge to allow me to explore the PT option as another means of income.

With the kitchen I was always told by my mum to never let a woman confuse you with food. In that she meant that if ever I fall out with my future wife may it not be her portion to deprive me of my right to eat as I know how to cook myself. So, over the years she has shown me how to cook and who knows maybe one day I will do a video to show the world my skills.


  1. What can we look forward to seeing next from Goldkay? 

Fresh new music and a blend of vibes to sweet the spirit.


Listen to ‘Party here’:


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