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Introducing Asari Music, Ghana’s newest Afro-fusion artist



Introducing Asari Music, Ghana's newest Afro-fusion artist

Introducing Asari Music, a rising female Ghanaian-US-based Afro-fusion singer-songwriter hailing from the Brong Ahafo region of Ghana. Asari Music’s journey into the world of music began at a young age, as she grew up immersed in the rich sounds of Highlife and traditional Ghanaian music, thanks to her mother and grandmother. Upon moving to the United States at the age of ten, her passion for music only intensified, driving her to pursue her dreams relentlessly. 

Recounting her first studio experience at age seventeen, she fondly recalls sneaking out to record, with her friends covering for her whenever her parents called. In addition to her musical pursuits, Asari is currently a senior in a dual degree program, navigating the challenging balance between academics and her music career. She strives to inspire other young musicians, especially African girls, to pursue their musical aspirations while breaking free from the stigma that sometimes surrounds the arts in African households.

Asari Music’s debut singles, ‘Like Dat’ and ‘You Won’t Go’, released in 2022, set the stage for her new single, ‘Find You.’ The song explores the depths of wounded love, the desire for vengeance and freedom from emotional turmoil. Asari’s soulful voice and captivating lyrics paint a vivid picture of a heart torn between seeking closure and holding on to the pain of the past. Asari’s music is subjective, allowing listeners to interpret her songs in their own unique ways.

With her forthcoming EP, “Lova Gal”, Asari Music delves into the various emotions and complexities that love engulfs an individual with. An Afro-fusion collective, the EP seamlessly blends Afrobeats, Afropop, R&B and more, while Asari Music uses her cultural heritage and unique musical style to craft a sound that resonates with audiences worldwide. The EP features three captivating songs, including ‘Find You’, ‘Something Different’ and ‘Wherever You Be At’. Each track offers a different perspective on the roller coaster of love – from excitement and hope to the inevitable heartache.


Asari Music’s journey from the depths of her Ghanaian roots to her current base in Atlanta, GA, has shaped her as an artist and her music serves as a powerful reflection of her experiences and aspirations. With a vision to touch hearts and inspire change, Asari is determined to leave a lasting impact on the global music stage.

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