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KSM unites family through TGIF



Award winning multi-segmented TV chat show, Thank God It’s Friday (TGIF) with funnyman Kwaku Sintim-Misa (KSM) recently chalked another significant achievement by reuniting an afro- German lady with her Ghanaian family. The lady, Farina came to Ghana with nothing but the name of her Ghanaian father, which she gave as Frederick Anansi, to search for her lost family.

On the show, Farina told KSM that her father was in Germany to work in a glass factory and during that period, her father met her mother and she became the result of that relationship. However, before Farina was born, Mr Frederick Anansi moved back to Ghana and resumed work at the Aboso Glass Factory, in Tarkwa. Farina’s mother continued to stay in touch with Mr. Anansi via post until they lost contact. Accordingly, Farina grew up never meeting her father although her mother told her about Mr. Anansi.

Although TGIF was aired on the night when Farina flew back to Germany, the response from the show was amazing. The contact number that was put on air was buzzing with calls from different people with various reasons for calling. Although majority of the callers were fake people hoping to establish contact with Farina for personal reasons, a few of the callers were very helpful. Several of the callers suggested where the search for Mr Anansi should start, hinting that the family name is from Nungua.

Farina also mentioned to KSM that her father was in Germany with his Ghanaian friend, Mr. Eric Addo Brouko. After the show, a man by that name also called after seeing the Sunday repeat of TGIF, following a hint by his pastor that his name was mentioned on the show. On the subsequent episode of TGIF, the said Eric Addo Brouko made an appearance on the show with a valid passport bearing that name. But after connecting him with Farina in Germany, the stories he shared on TGIF concerning his relationship with Farina’s mother couldn’t be confirmed by the mother. Mr. Brouko mentioned that he was the one that introduced Mr. Anansi to Farina’s mother and that when Farina was born; the mother sent Mr. Brouko a photo of baby Farina.

In an email conversation with Farina, she commented: “I phoned Mr. Addo Brouko as well, but he told me a lot of stories which sound a bit strange and which my mum could not confirm. He told me he also went to the KSM show with pictures of me and my Mum but my mother says that’s not possible.”

The search for Farina’s Ghanaian family got even more exciting when a man by name Primas Anansi called after the interview with Farina aired on Metro TV. Farina had also mentioned to KSM that she knew her father had another daughter by name Prima Anansi. Little did Farina know that in fact Prima was a boy and one in the same as Primas Anansi.

Primas provided proof in the form of passports, electricity bills in the name of Fredrick Anansi, and family photos. The photos were scanned and emailed to Farina in Germany, and Farina had the confirmation from her mother that indeed the pictures were of the real Frederick Anansi. After the confirmation was made, Primas was connected to Farina and the two have been talking on phone since.

Although Primas revealed the sad news of his father’s death some years ago, Farina is excited to have established contact with her Ghanaian family. Again in an email correspondence Farina comments:

“I am in close contact with Primas. He sent me documents and pictures of my dad which I copied to my mum. My mum was very happy because all the pictures she once owned are gone. I really seem to look like my Dad. Even though I heard my dad had passed away, I am so happy I found relatives and can’t wait to get acquainted. That would mean so much to me. I am so happy about and I don’t know how to thank KSM.  I am really blessed.”