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Listen UP: McBriggs drops hot debut project, ‘Feelings’



McBriggs’ debut project, “Feelings” is a melodious collection of sounds lasting no longer than ten minutes that we hope to engage each listener with from the rhythmic intro of “Wire Money” to the final beat drop of “Feelings”.

The EP features a selection of talented artists that added their own flair to the vibe presented on the project. Tibu, Tracy, Twitch and Jaji all gave up such electric energy on their verses.

The aim to reach the ears of music lovers all over the world is what has been set out for this project. It will also be used as the foundation to grow a family base that will opt-in supporting McBriggs’ through his exciting musical journey.




McBriggs’ Social Media Handles:

Twitter: @McBriggs007

Instagram: @mcbriggs007

Youtube: “McBriggs Official”

Soundcloud: “McBriggs Official”