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Michael Blackson bemoans the high cost of goods and services in the country



Ghanaian-American based Comedian and Actor, Michael Blackson has bemoaned the current hike in prices of goods and services in the country.

The actor, who has been in the country for a couple of days now to monitor the progress of the school he’s building in his village, took to Twitter on Monday, June 13, to complain about the prices of goods and services.

According to Michael, he went shopping for furniture and appliances and the prices of these items are twice the amount of what they cost in the U.S.

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“C’mon Ghana why are things so damn expensive? I just tried to buy furniture and appliances and they are over twice the price of what they cost me in the U.S,” he tweeted.



Michael also went ahead to plead on the government to lower port fees so store owners can lower the prices of their goods and services.


“Ghana can we please lower the port fees so these stores can lower the prices for the people?” he added.


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