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Miscommunication Unveiled: Guru Sheds Light on Feud with Kuami Eugene



In a humble interview that aired on Accra FM, renowned Ghanaian musician Guru made a number of comments that shed light on the set of circumstances leading to the tragic misunderstanding and following conflict between him and rising sensation Kuami Eugene. Guru’s observations presented a picture of a disagreement that developed from a little misunderstanding into a major public uproar.

Contrary to what had been assumed by the public, the rift between the two artists was not a result of deep-seated animosity or personal clashes, but rather a miscommunication that spiraled out of control. Guru clarified that the initial interaction between him and Kuami Eugene was nothing more than a mutual agreement to explore the possibility of collaboration. This interaction, he emphasized, was not intertwined with any record label affiliations, particularly Kuami Eugene’s connection with Lynx Entertainment.

“What might not be widely known is that this all started with a miscommunication. It’s a straightforward misunderstanding that snowballed,” Guru explained in the enlightening interview. Without the assistance of labels or management, the two musicians’ initial discussion was just between themselves. In an effort to forge a bond based on same aesthetic interests and ultimately result in a successful partnership that would appeal to fans and advance this industry.


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Guru expressed his frustration over the fact that what was essentially a private discussion between fellow artists turned into a public spectacle. He lamented the sensationalism that surrounded the situation and expressed disappointment that a simple miscommunication was blown out of proportion and led to a public feud.

Addressing the rumors that had been circulating, Guru clarified that the conversation he had with Kuami Eugene centered around the possibility of collaboration and not a direct feature request. He emphasized that these kinds of discussions are often the starting point for negotiations, which subsequently involve the artists’ respective managers.

“When artists connect and show interest, it’s the job of their respective managers to continue the conversation and make the necessary arrangements. This is a standard process,” Guru elaborated, shedding light on the behind-the-scenes mechanisms that guide such collaborations.


In a bid to dispel misconceptions, Guru underscored the authority that record labels hold in deciding whether or not to pursue collaborative efforts with other artists. He highlighted the importance of understanding that such partnerships should not be forced or pressured, but rather pursued with mutual interest and respect.

Guru also voiced his confusion with the continuous public debate that followed the tragedy. He made it clear that he did not start the charges or the questions about why he approached Kuami Eugene. He emphasized that the issue wasn’t about personal animosities or rivalries, but rather was an issue that was fundamental to the workings of the music business.

The well-publicized feud between Guru and Kuami Eugene gained significant attention in February 2021 when Guru released a diss track titled ‘Who Born Dog,’ which directly targeted Kuami Eugene and his manager, Richie Mensah, of Lynx Entertainment. This came in response to Kuami Eugene’s statement in an interview where he indicated that he would not collaborate with Guru due to alleged disrespect shown by the rapper towards Richie Mensah.

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Given Guru’s comments, it is clear that the animosity between these two artists emerged from misunderstanding rather than fundamental hate. The conversation serves as a warning that misunderstanding and misinterpretation may have far-reaching implications, especially in the field of music, where creativity and cooperation are required. As the industry and its stakeholders go forward, it is critical to remember that honest discourse and a willingness to understand one another may keep such disagreements from growing needlessly.

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